Call an Artist
A special by our Content Manager

The expertise with which make up is applied is called an art. The dictionary describes the word 'art' as 'skill' - especially applied to representation, design or imaginative creation. This definition is so apt. 

Make-up is a technique that actually creates the look that one wishes to project. It is the outcome of a great deal of experiment and practice, trial and error. It is not a natural talent, but a technique that is learnt and mastered, bringing into use one's power of  observation, good taste and color sense. One can go wrong so easily - as is evident in the way so many attractive faces are hidden behind masks of heavy foundation and layers of paint. The entire result is self-defeating as the attention of the beholder goes to the make-up rather than the wearer!

When you first begin applying make-up, it is best to observe discretion. Begin by choosing all cosmetics with care and keep your individual skin tone and texture in view. Unless you learn to suit your make-up to individual needs, demands of time of day and occasion, you will actually be ignoring the basic principle. Your make-up will have to relation to the face you are supposed to be enhancing. 

Expertise comes only through acquiring skills in the use of all the equipment that is available - so that you can create the look you want, toning down defects and emphasizing attractive features.

Only through experiments with colors and shades can you learn the techniques and pick up tips that help to enhance beauty. Expertise and skill allows creativity, so that colors can be mixed to produce the effect that compliments the skin tone as well as the clothes you are to wear. Professional make-up is based on three fundamental techniques blending, shadowing and highlighting.

It takes into consideration the different steps that are followed, from preparing the skin, applying foundation, adding color, to putting the finishing touches. Each step is separate, but the entire effect is 'total' that does not make the steps-obvious. This can only come with very careful blending. So the secret is to keep trying and then we all kno wthat practice makes a man perfect, in this case a woman perfect.