Body Beautiful
A special by our Content Manager

Close shave: Exfoliate with any body sloughing cream before you shave your legs to get the sleekest, closest shave. Removing dead skin allows the razor to glide, not drag. 

Dry feet & hands: A special bedtime treat for dry feet and hands: Slather them with some moisturiser, then cover them with cotton socks. When you wake up, they'll be soft, smooth. 

Flyaway Hair: Instant tame for flyaway hair: apply any hand repair or Moistureiser to your hands; allow it to absorb. Run hands quickly through hair, and rub hair-ends between hands. Head off bothersome flyaways by pulling hair into a ponytail or headband; spritz generously with Non-Aerosol Hairspray; smooth into hair with hands. 

Self-tanning Tips: To get an even, natural-looking tan--first exfoliate away flakes and rough skin that grab colour patches. Try any body Sloughing Cream in the shower. Towel Dry. Apply self-tanning Body Mist or self-tanning Lotion directly onto skin, blend evenly. Wash hands and brush nails with soap and water immediately after application. Let dry fifteen minutes. Don't forget to apply sun block for adequate protection. 

Ten minute mini-spa: Fill bathtub with comfortably warm water. Massage an exfoliating cream or scrub onto clean face in a gentle, circling motion; rinse. Smooth Moisturizer all over face for five minutes to hydrate. During bath, rub body sloughing cream on legs, arms, shoulders, knees--anywhere body needs smoothing. Protect skin and seal in moisture the instant you finish toweling off with some moisture lock body formula. 

Tired Feet: Fast treat for over-worked, over-stressed feet: An invigorating foot massage with minty, grainy body sloughing cream, showered off and followed by a soothing rub-down with smooth moisturizer, which concentrates salicylic acid to smooth rough dry areas.