Break out Tips
A special by our Content Manager

acne prevention: The best prevention is a skincare system suited to your specific skin type, including serious shine control: 3-Step Skin Care, Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask. Conceal with acne-fighting cover-up in skin-toned shade Anti-Acne Control Formula or dab on Anti Acne Spot Treatment for invisible treatment. Smooth over with oil-free makeup, powder. Keep hair and hands off face, both can carry oil and dirt. 

stress: Stress from job pressures and/or the demands of motherhood are factors that can contribute to breakouts. Birth control pills high in certain progestins can cause breakouts, too. Using the wrong cleansers or cosmetics can aggravate clogged pores and blemishes. To keep skin clear,remove makeup with a pre-soap cleanser geared for your skin type, followed by your Clinique 3-Step routine. Moisturize only the dry areas. 

sun and acne: Don't be fooled by the myth that sun dries out pimples. Sun exposure may dry skin slightly, but the effect is temporary. Heat, humidity, and UV rays can actually aggravate acne by stimulating oil production and thickening skin, which clogs pores. Sun causes both premature aging and cancer. Use sun protection and fake a tan with one of Clinique's Self-Tanning formulas. 

zits, concealing Resist the temptation to conceal zits with a heavy makeup base or concealer, both of which may contain oils. Try Anti-Acne Control Formula, which covers as it heals the breakout.