Clear the Clutter!
A special by our Content Manager

Eliminating clutter in your life requires a mental as well as a physical housecleaning. 

Take a few minutes to write down all the nagging, minute thoughts that keep circulating in her mind -- and then puts them behind you. 

Minimizing outside distractions can allow you to focus attention on more important and enjoyable things, such as children, your loved one, or just having fun by yourself. 

Fight phone interruptions at home. Your phone belongs to you, not the other way around. Don't be afraid to screen calls. 

And clear your counter tops and tables of junk mail. 

Consider your space finite. Figure out how many items you can comfortably fit in a closet or cupboard and then stick to that amount. Don't move a new item in without taking an old one out. And give the old one away or throw it away instead of just storing it somewhere else. 

Fundamental to the ability to decrease disorder is the ability to make decisions, whether they involve giving away old clothing or accepting a new job. Failing to make decisions can leave you in a quagmire of clutter and confusion. Making a to-do list of decisions you need to make can help you stay organized and ensure you don't ignore important tasks. 

Remember, those with the most objects and clutter at the end of their lives do not necessarily win. Paring down on the amount of clutter in your life can leave you more time to focus on the things you find important.