Dry Skin-Help!!!
A special by our Content Manager

concealer dryness: If your concealer goes dry by mid-day dab on eye cream or gel to revive; set with powder. 

dry feet & hands: A special bedtime treat for dry feet and hands: Slather them with Moisture Lock Body Formula or Smooth Delivery then cover them with cotton socks. When you wake up, they'll be soft, smooth. 

exercise and sports: Skin can always use a drink after exercise, as perspiration clears skin of moisture. Keep a travel-sized bottle of Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion in your gear bag. 

keeping skin hydrated: Skin needs to be hydrated from the inside, too, to feel comfortable, stay in good condition. Keep a water bottle on your desk, or in your bag, to remind you to drink plenty throughout the day. For an added boost, and a treat, slather on Moisture Surge Treatment Formula, for 5 minutes; tissue-off. This refreshing gel intensifies the benefits of a moisturizer 

lines/wrinkles: minimize existing lines and help prevent new ones by using a broad-spectrum of daily sun block and Stop Signs Visible Anti-Aging Serum 

menopause: After menopause, the skin tends to become much drier. Use the Mild Soap to gently cleanse dry skin. Stepped-up exfoliation will bring new cells to the surface (because cell renewal slows down with age.) Add Turnaround Cream for dry sky to bedtime routine. Also try a powerhouse emollient in addition to Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. This will help reduce the dryness and create a comfortable feel. Moisture On-Call or Moisture On-Line work to help skin to function at it's best skin feels, looks firmer more resilient. In addition, Turnaround Cream For Dry Skin helps restore skin's moisture barrier and prevent water loss, prepping skin for added moisture.