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Why We Treat Ear Infections
Research by the Content Manager
When your child develops an ear infection, call your pediatrician. They're not only painful, but if left untreated, ear infections can spread beyond the middle ear to cause serious, sometimes life-threatening complications. One of the rare complications of an ear infection is a condition called mastoiditis. If an ear infection spreads to the mastoid (the portion of the skull behind the ear), it can cause intense pain, fever, rapid pulse and severe hearing loss. A child who develops mastoiditis is at risk of developing meningitis, a dangerous inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord.
Most ear infections are identified and treated early enough to prevent these serious complications. But another more common complication is sometimes harder to diagnose and treat. Children who experience repeated ear infections or persistent fluid retention in the middle ear often suffer from hearing problems. If hearing loss lasts for 6 weeks or more, your child may be at risk for speech and language development problems.If you think your child has an ear infection, or is experiencing hearing problems, contact your doctor. With proper treatment, even chronic ear infections can be managed successfully - without risking more serious infections or debilitating hearing loss.

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