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Breast Milk
It Does a Baby Good

Research by the Content Manager
Breast-feeding your baby can be a wonderful bonding experience, but it's also one of the best ways to protect your baby from illness. Studies show that babies who are breast-fed develop fewer ear infections, upper respiratory infections, and other medical problems than those who are bottle-fed. When a mother breast-feeds, she passes on many of the disease fighting antibodies her child needs to protect himself while his own immune system is developing.   In fact, 80 percent of the antibodies found in breast milk help a baby fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. The antibodies in mother's milk are matched perfectly to fight the illnesses in a child's world. A mother's body makes antibodies to fight the sickness-causing germs that both she and her baby are likely to encounter. What if a mother chooses not to breast-feed? Infant formulas and special vitamin and mineral supplements can give a baby the next best thing to the infection-fighting benefits of breast milk. Quick bottle feeding tip: Make sure you hold your baby like you would if you were breast-feeding. This can help prevent fluid from collecting in his ears, possibly causing an ear infection.

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