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chinese Cuisine

In a Chinese meal soup has quite a different function from its Western counterpart. It is not served merely at the beginning of the meal but is supped between the various courses. As Chinese soup is very light, it serves to refresh the palate and aid the digestion, particularly after very rich dishes. The basis of Chinese soup is good, clear stock, made from beef or Chicken. It is made in the same way as any other stock but the proportion of meat to water is much higher, so it has a more pronounced flavor which is then enhanced by the addition of vegetables, fish, meat or chicken.
Chinese soup should always be served piping hot. Soup containing vegetables should be served as soon as possible after cooking as the vegetables should retain some of their crispness. If egg is to be added to the soup, do this just before serving.

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Hot And Sour Prawn Soup
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Wonton Soup

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