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Fastfood, Pizzas, & Subs
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Food Category Restaurant Name Street Address Tel. No. Comments
BBQ Chicken Al-Tazaj Chicken Tahlia st. next to Basateen center, Azizia, etc. fast service, light meal
BBQ Chicken & kebabs Chicken Tikka Main Amir Majed st. near Airplane roundabout good simple food + puri bread
Deep Fried Chicken KFC Tahlia st., Amir Majid st. (several branches in town)
Deep Fried Chicken & Shrimps Al-Baik Mosadia, Azizia, Palestine st. etc (20 branches in Jeddah) good food & very fast service
Deep Fried Chicken & Shrimps Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits Tahlia st. (west)
Fastfood, Middle Eastern Express Shish Kebab At the crossing of Amir Majed st. & Tahlia st.
Fastfood, Middle Eastern Fatayirjee Crossing of Sari st. & Madinah rd. also at Makaronah st.
Fastfood, Middle Eastern Lebanese Fruit Juice Tahlia st. (near Sitteen st.) popular due to fresh juices & sandwiches
Fastfood, Middle Eastern Palm Beach Restaurant Madina road (next to square bridge) good shawarmas & sandwiches for take away
Fastfood, Middle Eastern Romance Sari st. (west of Madina Rd.)
Fastfood, Middle Eastern Shami off Tahlia st. beside Galleria Center (several branches in town)
Fastfood, Middle Eastern Shawarma souk opp. the old Jeddah graveyard between Sharfiyyah & Balad tens of points serving a wide variety of shawarmas
Fastfood, Western Al-Dewan Andalus st. near Palestine st. crossing
Fastfood, Western Burger King Tahlia st. opp. Basateen Center
Fastfood, Western Dairy Queen Jeddah corniche near the water fountain
Fastfood, Western Fuddruckers off Tahlia st. beside the BMW showroom great burgers to be decorated with self-selected pickles etc.
Fastfood, Western Hardees Tahlia st. near Jewellery Center (several branches in town)
Fastfood, Western Herfy Andalus st. next to boat roundabout
Fastfood, Western McDonalds Tahlia st. near Jewellery Center (several branches in town)
Fastfood, Western Sports Studio Tahlia st. beside Galleria Center
Fastfood, Western Wendy's Andalus st. near Palestine st. crossing opp. the US consulate
Pizza parlour Dominos Pizza Tahlia st., Hefny Center, Azizia, Heraa st., Obhur etc. mostly take-away points
Pizza parlour Fun Time Pizza Corniche (north)
Pizza parlour Pizza Hut Tahlia st., Amir Majed st. (more branches in town)
Pizza parlour Pizza Sheikh Tahlia st. (west)
Sandwiches & light food Café Aroma opp the water fountain beside al-hamra center good atmosphere
Sandwiches & light food Coco Nights Tahlia st. (Galleria Center) good atmosphere
Subs & burgers Kudu Tahlia st., Amir Majid st. (several branches in town)
Subs & salads Blimpie Tahlia st., Andalus st. beside boat roundabout

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