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Bride of the Red Sea
Hosted by Ali A. Karim (Jeddah)

‘Jeddah’, as pronounced by its people, means prosperity and happiness. It is also pronounced as ‘Jadda’ meaning grandmother referring to mother Eve. This is in accordance to the legend that she landed here and is buried in the graveyard just outside the historical area of the old city. Another pronunciation is ‘Joddah’ and this means a narrow passage between two mountains or a long road.
Jeddah is a city of mystery, rich with tradition, history, culture and a unique heritage. It is mentioned by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and his Caliphs and its importance goes back even before the Islamic period.
Jeddah has been mentioned by many travelers in their journals, some describing it as "the city surrounded by walls with beautiful markets and teeming with buildings" whilst others described it as "the small city on the Red Sea coast crowded with pilgrims". Apparently there were inns, caravan sarays, and hostels catering to travelers and pilgrims. Present city has expanded and transformed into a metropolis but still holds true to its original charm and uniqueness thereby making it superb for its residents and a must for those who wish to visit her.
As one can see, Jeddah has a history of catering to the comfort and entertainment of its people, travelers, and pilgrims alike. Even today Jeddah’s cosmopolitan approach is found in almost every aspect of life. Take one small example of its wide variety of restaurants and cafés. One can find almost all kinds of delicacies & traditional dishes, ranging from local ‘mutabbaq’ & ‘shawarmas’ to the finest international cuisines.
The following list contains a selection of restaurants in town and is a personal effort for reference & information. This list will be updated on a quarterly basis.
Happy Eating!!

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