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Such seminars when arranged for you carry one mission in the mind of CP team members that the event should uplift your knowledge about a certain element of society or your personal life. What we expect from you after attending such seminars is that the knowledge you have gained from the event, you will share it with friends and family members. This way more and more people will become aware of disease such as diabetes.
We would like you to be attentive in the seminar, seek the knowledge to better manage should you or any one dear to you have this disease.
At the same time we would like you to introduce yourself to each other. Now that you know what your unity from CP platform can bring to you without spending loads of money then why not strengthen the unity by meeting other CP members and helping each other.
May be there is someone in the seminar whom you could help professionally or someone else could help you at the same time. We would suggest to take your business cards or contact details with you and distribute among others.
As you normally show the exceptional CP kind of attitude, please do maintain it from start till end. Your this exceptional decent behavior always attracts international sponsors to conduct seminars / educational events such as this one. So please maintain the CP tradition.
There will be enough snacks for everyone so please do not be hasty. Wait for your turn in the queue. Tea will be available during the seminar so if you like to grab a cup of coffee or tea during the session, just go to the serving counter and request the person in-charge put there by the hotel.
We must emphasize on one important point which is the time management. Please follow the start time mentioned in
The Program page.
The event will start at the given time so be there a bit before so you could socialize with other CP members, get registered and get sugar tested.
We do not appreciate late arrivals, yes there are always exceptions but exceptions have to be minimal. 
In the end we request you to pray for each and everyone of those who has made all this possible. This is the first of its kind seminar offered in a four star hotel without any charge to community members. Let us continue proving that we are really good, humble and decent humans so more and more such events could be sponsored by international companies such as Johnson & Johnson.
We thank you for reading all this and hope to see you at the event.
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Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Middle East