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Community Seminar 18th November 2005
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Diabetes information and Advice Group


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Decorated CP team Members
Statement of Accounts
Following team members helped to make this event a success, rather mega success. Rest of us are thankful to them for their participation. They are rewarded for their service to the community.
Names are in no particular order
1) Dr. Aban Usmani
2) Dr. Mohammed Irfan Khan
3) Dr. Amjad Mahmood
4) Dr. Amir Sheikh - Not a CP member
5) Dr. Ahmed Roshdi
6) Ms. Liezel Lasin (Nurse) Not a CP member
7) Ms. Marjorie Gallinera (Nurse) Not a CP member
8) Master Faris Ali Usmani
9) Mr. Raja Matloob
10) Mr. Mahfooz Sarwar
11) Mr. Mohammad Shaheen
12) Mr. Saeed J. Mughal
13) Mrs. Shazia Azhar Burney
14) Ms. Mahreen Butt
15) Ms. Nida Butt
16) Mr. Hani Draye
17) Mr. Najaf Khan Mughal


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