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Diabetes information and Advice Group

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Statement of Accounts
  1. We are always proud of our community which is decent, respects others and represents true picture of our beloved country Pakistan.
  2. Dress code for the seminar is formal. It is entirely up to you to wear national dress or business suit. Please avoid dressing casually. Ladies are requested to wear Abaya. Remember we are representing Pakistan.
  3. The medical tests offered in the seminar are purely to check your sugar levels at spot and we do not expect you to fast or have a post lunch sugar test. The test results may significantly differ than expected. We suggest attendees to double check repeating the test under specialized supervision.
  4. Our tests are not meant to conclude a prescription or to be considered a process of diagnosing disease state. The said test results can not be challenged at court of law neither used as a base to describe your present state of health.
  5. One ticket entitles one CP member to attend to. If you have registered for your spouse then please print the ticket in his/her name, you should have received separate mail for this. Note all printed tickets are verified at the registration desk and only those will be entitled to attend who have registered in the initial phase and have received a confirmation mail with a ticket.
  6. Seats are limited to members who will verify the ticket.
  7. PLEASE DO NOT BRING GUESTS WITH YOU TO AVOID EMBARRASSMENT. The event is only for CP members who have registered.
  8. If you have a question, write it down and ask in the Q&A session. Stationary for taking notes will be provided but you may bring your own folder as well.
  9. If you can not switch off your cell phones then please reduce the volume of the ringer so others may not get disturbed by loud ring tones.
  10. Registering for the event implies you agree to above terms.

Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Middle East