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Community Health Seminar in Riyadh
Riyadh 15th September 2006 InshaAllah
100% Female Event

Contact Pakistan KSA Team would like to invite its female members in Riyadh and surrounding areas to attend a health awareness seminar, to be held on 15 September 2006. CP global team would like to thank all volunteer doctors from Riyadh who are participating in this community project which is directed to uplift knowledge of our community. Similar seminars can be arranged in other major cities of KSA provided CP community members who are from the field of medical come forward for this community service.

Our hats off to CP member doctors community of Riyadh for coming forward to serve
the community. JazakAllah Khair!!

The seminar is for Females Only. Although this seminar is only for our female members but female family members of CP males members can also apply and attend this seminar.
The seminar is free of charge for CP members.

If you are a CP female member then you are most welcome to invite 1 of your friends to join you in this informative event. There are limited seats for guests so do not wait till last moment, reserve the seat now!

So What does this seminar offers to our female members?
There will be minimum of three presentation, all in Urdu by 3 leading Pakistani lady doctors who specialize in their respective areas of medicine.

Lecture #1
Presentation Title :
Menopausal Symptoms and its Management
Dr Yasmin Sardar Khan
Target audience:
  Pre-and Post menopausal women (Age 40 - 50)
In a broader sense it denotes a 1-3 years period during which woman adjusts to a diminishing and then absent menstrual flow and the physiologic changes that may be associated with hot flushes, night sweats etc.

What audience will achieve from the presentation;

Audience would understand the normal physiology of the process, the reason of their irritability and symptoms they experience or will experience, having a follow through of the symptoms that may arise and become cumbersome, and Treatment of the symptoms and follow-through.  

Lecture #2
Presentation Title:
Osteoporosis Presenter:  Dr Erum Sheikh
Osteoporosis is a disease of bone, in which bone become brittle and easy to break, one out of three women over the age of 50, worldwide has osteoporosis. Unfortunately the prevalence of OP is on rise.  An understanding towards its risk factors and prevention could help our women to avoid, delay or Rx OP

Target audience:
Post menopausal women (Age 40 50)
What audience will achieve from the presentation:

They would know major risk factors and complications of the disease, Prevention of the disease and complications, dietary and physical management as well as medical Treatment guidelines if any one suffers with the disease.

Lecture #3 Presentation Title:  Iron Deficiency Anemia Presenter: Dr Tehreem Irfan Khan
Iron deficiency is the most common known form of nutritional deficiency. Its prevalence is highest among young children and women of childbearing age (particularly pregnant women). In children, iron deficiency causes developmental delays and behavioral disturbances, and in pregnant women, it increases the risk for a preterm delivery and delivering a low-birth weight baby.

Target audience:
All age groups, especially child bearing age women  (Age 15 and up)
What audience will achieve from the presentation:

They will come to know the major contributing factors, Prevention of the risk factors,  people who are more vulnerable to have anemia,  complication of anemia in general, dietary management of the disease and medical Treatment of the disease.

 Seminar is arranged by CP KSA Medical Team and managed by
 Contact Pakistan Ladies Wing Riyadh

As usual seminar will end with one hour+ of Q&A session which allows you to ask questions related to topics discussed in the seminar. Surely CP members will be entertained with our usual 5 star hospitality. Entrance and all on spot medical tests (if applicable) are offered free of charge to our members. 

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After all you are contributing in a community project, you deserve the best.

Reservation via mail alert only
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We are a community driven community and without your help we can not make all this happen or its team does not incur upon itself any legal responsibility regarding this community service.