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Community Health Seminar in Riyadh
15th September 2006

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All presentation are put online for the general benefit of mankind. You are most welcome to use these presentations. You can always write to News@ContactPakistan.com should you need to get in touch with any of presenters on presented subject. 

Lecture #1 Presentation Title :
Menopausal Symptoms and its Management
Dr Yasmin Sardar Khan
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Dr Yasmin graduated from Fatima Jinnaha Medica College -1986, for post graduation perusal she worked as Resident in King Edward Medical college & Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, and got her diploma in Gynecology and Obs in 1989 from postgraduate Medical Institute in 1989.  Her ambitions took her to Royal College of Gynecology London UK from where she obtained her MRCOG degree 1995.  Dr Yasmin worked as  Ob/Gyn consultant in several cities around the Saudi Arabia in reputed institution, from 1996-2001 worked at King Faisal Specialized Hospital, Qasim; Chief Of OB /GYn 2001-2003 at Onaizha Hospital for women .  She took charge as a Director of Continued Medical Education at Onaizha Hospital for Women and Children 2001-2004.  Dr Khan currently working in Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh as a Infertility Specialist. Last but not the least Dr Yasmin special interests are Education and Training and community work for fellow man and women.
Target audience:
  Pre-and Post menopausal women (Age 40 - 50)
In a broader sense it denotes a 1-3 years period during which woman adjusts to a diminishing and then absent menstrual flow and the physiologic changes that may be associated with hot flushes, night sweats etc.

What audience will achieve from the presentation;

Audience would understand the normal physiology of the process, the reason of their irritability and symptoms they experience or will experience, having a follow through of the symptoms that may arise and become cumbersome, and Treatment of the symptoms and follow-through.  
Lecture #2 Presentation Title:
  Dr Erum Sheikh
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Dr Erum graduated in 1990 from Fatimah Jinnah Medical College Lahore.  She did her internship in Surgery and internal medicine from SGRH Lahore, then switched to Riyadh Saudi Arabia.  In Riyadh Dr. Erum joined KKUHR in Dept of pediatrics, then moved to Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, where she worked in different department such as Rehab and then to her current.  Her special interest are child and maternal health however currently she is working as a Family physician in the department of family and Community medicine in RAFH. 
Target audience:
Post menopausal women (Age 40 50)
Osteoporosis is a disease of bone, in which bone become brittle and easy to break, one out of three women over the age of 50, worldwide has osteoporosis. Unfortunately the prevalence of OP is on rise.  An understanding towards its risk factors and prevention could help our women to avoid, delay or Rx OP
What audience will achieve from the presentation:

They would know major risk factors and complications of the disease, Prevention of the disease and complications, dietary and physical management as well as medical Treatment guidelines if any one suffers with the disease.

Lecture #3 Presentation Title:
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Dr Tehreem Irfan Khan
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Dr Tehreem Graduated from Rawalpindi Medical College, in 2003.  She did her internship in Rawalpindi General Hospital and Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi, in Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Surgery.  For post graduation she continued her career in RGH as MO in Dermatology Dept.  She has special interest in Dermatology and Nutrition and Human Health.
Currently Dr Tehreem is doing her masters in Human Health and Nutrition.

Target audience:
All age groups, especially child bearing age women  (Age 15 and up)
Iron deficiency is the most common known form of nutritional deficiency. Its prevalence is highest among young children and women of childbearing age (particularly pregnant women). In children, iron deficiency causes developmental delays and behavioral disturbances, and in pregnant women, it increases the risk for a preterm delivery and delivering a low-birth weight baby.

What audience will achieve from the presentation:

They will come to know the major contributing factors, Prevention of the risk factors,  people who are more vulnerable to have anemia,  complication of anemia in general, dietary management of the disease and medical Treatment of the disease.

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