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Cooking with B.J

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The aim of this section is to make cooking as straightforward and as pleasurable as it possibly can be. The clear step-by-step instructions and the accompanying photographs will help you to achieve impressive results. However, there are also a number of general guidelines which you should follow in order to get the best out of the recipes. Most of the recipes are either developed  by famous Chefs or by myself. All recipes if needed are modified to achieve a taste that every Pakistani family loves.
For consistently good results from a recipe, accurate measuring is essential.

a.jpg (651 bytes) Balance scales are more accurate and last longer than spring scales.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Make sure you read the line on the measuring jug at eye level when measuring liquids.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Do not hold the measuring spoon into which you are pouring liquid over the dish you are making, in case you pour out too much.

The recipes in this section contain both metric and imperial measurements. Use the Conversion chart if you need to convert or adapt any measurements yourself.