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Age 7-12

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Show your talent to the world. We will provide you with space for this. You can submit your drawings to us and we will make sure that your master piece appears under this section (for ever).....Really !!!
Just follow these simple rules:-

1: Your drawing must be smaller than 6" x 6".

2: Pencil, Crayons or water color may be  used.

3: Name (Caption) your drawing.

4: A color picture of yourself.

5: Your name, age, school and phone number.

6: You must be a member of CPKC

Entries can be made either by post or in person. Send us an Email to make arrangements to collect your art work. Don't wait let the world see how good you are at drawing.

By submitting your drawings you permit ContactPakistan.com to use them where ever webmaster feels appropriate.

Look at our drawings
Bassam Nadeem Iqra Nadeem
Syeda Amana Zobia Syeda Amana Zobia
Sanobar Nadir 9 Riyadh K.S.A Amal Rahman
Nawal Rahman  
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