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Your Host Amjad Mahmood MD
Get Fit Stay Fit

Getting fit is really only half the story. Once you are fit you need to make sure you stay fit for life! Once you start becoming a naturally active person, staying fit wont seem difficult.

Just remember


The way to get fitter is to be more vigorous than you usually are:
Try to choose the active ways of doing daily tasks instead of the lazy ways you will be surprised what difference small changes make to your fitness.

Choose a form of exercise you enjoy enough to do regularly for at least 20 or 30 minutes two or three times a week every week and make a habit of it.

Whatever you choose to do start gently and build up gradually you don’t have to strain yourself to feel the benefits of exercise.

Your don’t have to choose just one thing. Try lots of different activities, to give you a good balance of suppleness, strength and stamina.

You have to keep active. You can not store fitness.


Have Fun!