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Ali Jaffery
Licenses: Series 7, 63, 24 and member of NASD 11/89-3/94

A Bahrain based financial expert.  For more than a decade, he has been helping people deal with money more simply and effectively. He has managed a brokerage office with over 100 brokers in Chicago, Managed money for one the richest people in the world, successfully launched several, Sharia compliant, as well as Fund of Funds for the retail market, and created the most advanced On-Line brokerage service for the middle east.
Now all of his experience and knowledge is on tap for his Pakistani brothers and sisters, who would like to have a second opinion about an investment before making an investment decision.
So weather you want to know the difference between a mutual fund and a preferred share, or would like to know how much to save for your daughter's education.  He is the person to ask.

Asset Management
Managed a geographically diverse portfolio worth $200+ million.

Proven, audited and quantifiable returns in Long Term, Strategic and Tactical investments.

Developed a sophisticated, AMIR compliant, statistical and analytical systems to produce accurate and timely Risk Assessment Reports, Return Attributions, and Performance Calculations for complex Multi-Currency, Multi-Market Portfolios.

Managed investment proposals, asset allocations, and investment manager selection.

Created several conventional, hedge and Islamic mutual funds, covering US, European, Asian and GCC markets.


Directed an office with $2.5 billion assets and 100+ Brokers.

Outsourced and integrated a cutting edge On-Line Trading System.

Headed a US and GCC trading desks.
As the head of research department, identified projects, insured quality, quantity, consistency and coverage.

Responsible for generating prominent coverage of the research and on-line activities by FT, Reuters, Bloomberg, Khaleej Times, Mead, Gulf Daily News and numerous other publications and web sites.

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