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Answered by Ali Jaffery

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April 2003 - Ahmed Ali asks - Salaam, I am at novice level in stocks marketing. I am 21 years old  and have not organized an investment strategy yet. I inshaAllah hope to start investing soon. Please could you supply any advice that will help me on my
way. Thank you, Ahmed.

AOA, First of all congratulation on starting on the right path while you are still young.  All to often people start thinking about finance, when they are faced with imminent expenses, and much like insurance is too late by then. 
As for advice it is rather simple;

  • Buy low, sell high

  • Stocks go up when there are more buyers then sellers and vice versa

  • Before you buy ask your self,  would you buy this company for it's Market cap (number of outstanding shares  x market price)

  • Don't believe everything you hear

  • If it is such a great company it will be there for you to invest in tomorrow, do your homework first

  • A great product does NOT equal a profitable investment

Also please read One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch and check out his comments on
Should you decide to use a broker to help you decide what investments to buy, you must read Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis. Good luck and keep me updated on how you are doing Ali Jaffery

I have been living in USA for the last 19 years and work as electrical
engineer for a semi-governement orgnization. I am planning to move back to
Pakistan and would like know where and how should I invest my money so
that I could get at least 20% return. I have noticed that some well known
companies and mutual funds such as ICP give out dividends in the 20-30%
 range. I would like to diversify and keep about 40% in cash in US dollars.
I do not want to earn interest, and would prefer dividends and profits
 instead. I have a 12 year old son who will be going to school in Pakistan
as well.

Mohammad Fahar Usmani
USA 3rd Sept. 2002
I am resident in Saudi Arabia since 1979 and my all saving was kept in citi bank Lahore finally my account was frozen in May. Do you recommend to open an foreign currency account in Pakistan? If yes. what are the guarantees now for someone to convince ? and please advise also investment schemes in Saudi Arabia and gulf.
Eng. Tahir Sharif 
KSA 29th August 01
I have some savings in Pakistan deposited in Pak Rupees. I tend to invest this saving in Pakistan. Please advise.
Iftikhar Hussain U.A.E 20th May 01
I have saved about US$25,000 for my higher studies which I want to  undertake from end year 2002. Any suggestions what I can do with this money interms of low risk investment for about 18 months. Currently they are lying with the bank in
time deposit.

Fareed Ud Din 14th May 01
Do you think Telecom Sector, Especially Wireless companies like Nokia will come back?
Muhammad Afzal 13th May 01

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