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Hey all! Mani here.... Okay first ill tell you something first so you all dont think im crazy ... okay i use alot of japanese smileys o_o;....yes it is sort of an addiction, i cant stop using them....ill just explain them to yah first so you dont start to freak :3 ...

Okay first for these smileys you dont have to turn your head over...just look straight at the screen and imagine a circle or 'head' around the smileys ^-^ yah...ill get some images up to explain them soon, if you dont understand them yet dont worry ^-^;;...

Okay enough of the smileys, lets go on to me myself and the kids section =D... Okay as yew already know my names Mani, or Mahreen...but most of the people i know online call me Mani-Mani x) or just Mani for short. Okay erm... Im 14, and i love anime...My favorite is Ayashi no Ceres, but my favorite anime character is Vash (the stampede) from Trigun....dont ask why, but he just is xP. I like Role Playing alot, especially Wolves, Dragons, Large Felines and ordinary anthros (animal human things) (Like for example Iyast one of my main characters i use to RP x3....). I dont like chatting to people who use "u" for you and "r" for are. The people who use letter for words and such, just look like they cant speak proper english, or cant chat XP.

The main reason i am remaking this section is , because when i looked at it ...i was like, how long has it been since i last updated it... and just looking at the old layout makes me kind of sick. Dont worry i am sketching and awesome layout, and it will soon be up, so just check everyday, because i will be changing and adding bits everday!

Also i am making a website for all those people out there (younge or old) to Role Play and such! It will be up soon too! so just keep checking! ^^



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