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Age 7-12

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Look above at the card that you will get when you become a member of Contact Pakistan Kids Club. Lets call it CPKC, shall we!. Be a proud owner of this card. Check out the benefits it brings for you.

b.jpg (652 bytes) Big discounts when you show this card to stores that love kids.
b.jpg (652 bytes) Free Email address of your own @ ContactPakistan.com.
b.jpg (652 bytes) Birthday page posting on ContactPakistan.com.
b.jpg (652 bytes) Participate in Essay Competition and Win great prizes.
b.jpg (652 bytes) Enter in the Drawing Competition and show your art skills to others.
b.jpg (652 bytes) Many more to come... Watch this space !!

What you need to do is to simply fill up the form shown below and then wait for our call. Once we get your picture from you, and permission from your parents, a card will made for you together with the email address on the address given in the form.


My Full Name is

I am  years old and my birthday is on of       

I am studying in Grade

My Hobbies are

My Phone Number is
Email address to contact you

If you wish to sponsor a competition or would like to be listed in the stores that offer  special discounts  then click here.

Participation in this sponsorship is absolutely FREE

Thank you.