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How to Choose the Right Pet
It can be sad to give up a pet
because the animal you choose doesn't fit into your family.Consider these questions before  you bring a pet home.

a.jpg (651 bytes) Are you or is any one in your house allergic to animal dandruff if so chose a bet without fur such as Turtle, Lizard or a Snake.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Do snakes, spiders or rodents give you the creeps? A spider or a Tarantula may seem like a cool pet, but some people never get over their fear of them.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Where will you keep the animal? You could be awakened at all hours by a singing bird or an exercising Hamster living in your bedroom.
a.jpg (651 bytes) How much time you can give a pet? Talk to Veterinarian or pet store employee to find out about how long each to take care about a pet. Fish take little time. Dogs, which needs to be walked, groomed, and trained, take longer.
a.jpg (651 bytes) What costs can you expect? Expenses can include checkups, vacation pet sitters, vaccinations, grooming, food and bedding.

There are rewards and responsibilities in owning an animal. Do a lot of research before choosing a pet. And if you decide not to own a pet, that's OK, too.  
Thanks to National Geographic World

Hello Pet Lovers, This page is just for you. We will talk a lot about our pets.

We will have very useful tips from Dr. PetVet. So keep bookmark this page and watch the exciting updates.
We will also have introduction of your pet here with his or her picture. We will also like you to share your experience with others.

Lost & Found

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I had a cat "Buster". He was 6 years old Persian dark Gray. I lost him in Riyadh two years ago. If found please send me an E-Mail

Which pet is right for my child

Food & Nutrients
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