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The kitten and the kangaroo were board and wondered what to do; "I know," said Kanga, "take a ride, Here's my pouch, just hop inside." The kitten took a mighty leap;"I say," she said"You are mighty steep;" Come on," said Kanga, "grab a  paw", I'll take you on a guided tour,"

The twosome bounced across the town; "Gee-up," cried Kitten, "don't slow down;"

But Kanga groaned, " I've had enough, I'm high on bounce and low on puff."

"But I've NO pouch," the kitten cried, "To give my weary friend a ride;"

She thought and sighed and thought some more;

Then rushed off to the Superstore.

The boss was kind. He heard her plan, "I'd like to help you if I can;

Here's a trolley, take good care, I think your friend could fit in there."

So Kanga rode back home in style;

While Kitten pushed and gave a smile, "I may be small, but you will find I'll NEVER leave a friend behind.

Good night folks... Sweet dreams!