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The Ant and the Dove

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Age 7-12

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One hot day, an ant went to the riverto get a drink of water. But fell in and could not get out. A dove saw that the ant was in danger.
"I must help him," she said."If I drop a leaf in the water,the ant can get on it. It will be like a little boat."
So the dove dropped a leaf into the water and the ant climbed on to it.
"Thank you, Mrs.dove," called the ant."I will help you one day."
Soon after a man came with a bow and arrow. He saw the dove and was going to shoot at her.
The ant came and bit the man on his leg. This made the man jump and his arrow went up into the sky.The arrow missed the dove and so she flew away out of danger.
"Thank you little ant," cooed the dove." You did help me after all."

No-one is too little to be helpful.