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I'm a
US citizen who wants to move to Lahore Pakistan with my wife and two children. One of my child is a 22 years old mentally disabled. The other child is currently attending 9th grade here in the US. What are the rules and the regulations in taking a residency in Pakistan? How much money can I take with me? Can I buy a house in Lahore? What are the tax implications? How easy(difficult) in getting my 9th grader into a American International school in Lahore?
Tariq Zahoor (USA) April 17th 1999.
Ans.Your question is a combination of various aspects. You have mentioned that you are a USA citizen, one of your child is  22 years old and is mentally disabled. In this regard, the rights and facilities which he has as an American citizen can never be provided here in Pakistan, no doubt here there are centers for special children but the treatment can never be the same as in US. Regarding your other son, there should be no problem for him to get admission in AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Lahore. The rules and the regulations involved in taking residency in Pakistan are very simple. First you have to fill up the identity card application form and to meet the requirements mentioned in the form which are quite simple. To meet conditions mentioned in the form you don't have to even quit the USA citizenship as the Pakistani government follows the dual citizenship treaty.
Your question regarding the amount of money you wish to take with yourself involves certain ambiguities, like if you are interested in carrying on with some particular profession or in the other case you want to start some business. In any case for this purpose the income from foreign remittance is exempt from tax as well as the property or shares acquired from it. PROVIDED THE SAID REMITTANCES HAVE COME THROUGH PROPER BANKING CHANNELS.

QAn acquaintance (US citizen) was killed in Pakistan. Her daughter remains in that country in an unknown location. The husband/father (Pakistani citizen) lives in the U.S. How would my friend's (living in the US) family be able to apply for custody of the child n a Pakistani court. The child is a female of approximately 18 months of age. Please advise!
Frank (USA)
Ans.In this case, there are several points involved:
1: The minor is a girl 18 months old that is an infant by law. Moreover, in this case the mother is dead so the custody can be given to the father.
To resolve this issue :-
The father can file a case in the court in
Pakistan within whose jurisdiction the baby is in ,if the father is an American citizen. There is
 father can file an application for appointment as a guardian under the sec.7 of the guardians and wards act (8 of 1890),and can be filed only in the district court within whose jurisdiction the minor ordinary resides because no other court can do so.
In general the father is the natural guardian of the minor and has the first right to the guardianship and custody of the minor, subject to the conditions that son upto 6 years and daughter upto the puberty can be given in the custody (Hizanat) of Mother as the legal principle laid down is “Where the welfare of the Minor lies”. This would be determined by the said court of Wards and Guardians

QI am living in Dubai, I have a house in Lahore. Presently it is vacant.I want to rent it out. How can I find a suitable tenant? (Abdul Hamid, (UAE)
Ans. If you are interested in renting out the house, first of all you need a tenant and for this you can contact a reputable property dealer in Lahore. He will help to find out the tenant on the commission basis. The normal procedure is like this :-
When the deal is done between you  and the other party ,half of the monthly rental agreed will be paid by you as commission to the property dealer and other half the  tenant. The Landlord can advertise in a newspaper which would save him real estate agent’s commission. It is advised that Rent Agreement be drafted by a lawyer.

QWhat procedure should be adopted in making a rental deed?
(Rauf  Shiekh)
Ans.Once a tenant is in hand, the most urgent thing to do is to make a
lease agreement. The agreement will be for eleven months and will be signed by two witnesses and an advocate. If the rent agreement exceeds the period of more than 11 months, it should be registered with Rent controller having jurisdiction over the said rented premises.

QI have my house on rent but I am not happy with the current tenant. What should be the grounds of ejectment of occupancy tenant? ( Irshad Ahmed, Surrey England).
Ans.A tenant having a right of occupancy shall be liable to be ejected
from his tenancy on any of the following grounds, namely.
1: That he has used the land ,comprised in the tenancy for non-residential purposes.
2: That tenant has defaulted on payment of rent beyond  6 months.
3: That Landlord requires the said rented premises for his bona fide self-use per Rented Premises Ordinance,1979 (Applicable to all respective provinces with some amendments) .

4. The Landlord wishes to reconstruct the said premises genuinely.

QI am living in Karachi and have been married to a girl by performing Niche orally. Is the Niche valid in my case? (Name withheld)
Ans.Under Muslim law, Nikah can be performed orally and such a nikah is not invalid merely because it is not registered according to the provisions of the Muslim family laws ordinance,1961. On the other hand where a marriage is not registered, mere allegation of marriage in the absence of very strong proof would not be sufficient for holding that the marriage had been duly solemnized. ALL NIKAHS MUST BE REGISTERED BY THE REGISTERED QAZI TO BE  COGNIZABLE BY THE COURTS.

QWhat is the concept of guardian in Islamic law??
(Nazir Tariq U.A.E)

Ans.Guardianship or wilayat is a right to control the movements and
actions of a person who owing to mental defects,is unable to take care of himself and to manage his own affairs ,for example ,infant,an idiot,a extends to the custody of the person and the power to deal with the property of the ward.

QI am living in Cyprus for last 10 years and Wanted to move back to Pakistan am also interested to open a small business in Pakistan in Karachi a internet cafe cause i am in the business of
computers for last 18 years. I have
found a lot of information about my business but still lacking in some areas. I have some question to ask from you:
Q1 what are the legal requirements to open such kind of business and how much do i have to pay to the government?
Q2 what are the rates of sales tax, income tax and surcharges?
Q3 what incentives the government is offering on taxes and loan matters?
Q4 is there any organization or association working for small business?
Q5 what are the rates of insurance for a full risk coverage for let say 3 years on an investment of 25 lacks?
Million thanx if you answer my questions.
Zeeshan Durrani Cyprus.
Ans.1:Definition of resident is if he is in Pakistan for a period of 182 days or more in any income year; or he is in Pakistan for a period or for periods of 90 days in that year and he has been, within the 4 years preceding that year, in Pakistan for a period of 365 days or more.
2:Yes; the income from outside
3:Yes there is relief on the foreign source income for a period of 5 years.
4:Yes the employees benefits are assessable, that is utilities at the rate of 5%,and the house rent at the rate of 45%.
5: For the delayed interest there is a penalty at the rate of 24%.

Q1: Can a US citizen open a $ account in Pakistan?
2: If you buy a house in
Pakistan, do you have to pay any taxes?
3: Are there annual property taxes after you purchase a house?
4: Do you need a immigration visa to live in
Pakistan if you were born in Pakistan and now are a US citizen?
5: How much $ in cash can you bring into
Pakistan? And what is the best way to transfer your US $ to buy a house/car/household stuff?
Tariq Zahoor USA
Ans.1>yes, a US citizen can easily open a dollar account in Pakistan.
2>if you buy a house in Pakistan and you are living in it, that is it is self occupied then the same will be exempt from tax.
3>now if you purchase the house, and you are living in it then it is
exempt, that is the minimum tax in case no other taxes are being paid In case if you are not living in the purchased house and it is purchased with the foreign currency earned from foreign country then under the provision of foreign remittances, it will be exempt from tax for 5 years.
4>no, if you are by birth a Pakistani, you don't need at all any kind of
immigration visa ,whether you are a USA citizen, also the dual nationality rule will be implemented here.
5>well, you can bring as much $ to Pakistan as you wish ,but you should adopt the very safe measures to invest your money, it can be in the shape of saving accounts or FEBC[foreign exchange bearer certificates].both of these are exempt from tax. REMITTANCES THROUGH BANKING CHANNELS WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE.