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Free Legal consultation  is available on  Family laws, Property matters, Civil and criminal proceedings, Contracts and agreements, Taxation and legal guardians matters ,etc.

Webmaster's note:- Only  questions that are related to the Judiciary Law of Pakistan will be answered

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The legal section of is a service, which is rendered completely on humanitarian basis for Pakistani community living abroad and at home. It is aimed to fulfill the need of legal help for Pakistanis according to Pakistani law and regulation. Pakistanis living abroad are sometimes found to have problems with their property or relatives at home. People in Pakistan, also on account of lack of knowledge of law some times find themselves in serious problems. The law experts of are practicing lawyers who have real time experience of legal matters in the law courts of Pakistan. They provide help to the Pakistani community and answer the questions put to them in the light of Law promulgated in Pakistan
such as Rent laws, Transfer of Property law, law of Succession, Family laws, Law of inheritance and Specific relief Act etc. They further offer services in fields of Commercial law including law of Contract, Companies and partnership law also Banking laws in Pakistan. The questions that are already answered by our legal experts are placed in legal section for the help of those community members who may have problem of same nature. It is to be noted that answers of the questions will be according to Pakistani laws and solely depend upon the information provided to our legal experts.

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Abdul Saeed Khan Ghori M.A, LLB, Ex. Secretary of Karachi Stock Exchange and advisor to numerous Joint Stock companies is a seasoned Lawyer at Supreme Court of Pakistan. Legal Advisor National Bank of Pakistan and Federal Ombudsman Export Promotion Bureau and Export Processing Zones Authority, Government of Pakistan. Panel Advocate: National Bank of Pakistan, United bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, Habib Bank Ltd., Oil and Gas Development Corporation, Cantonment Board, Pakistan Defense Officers Housing Authority, Karachi Electric Supply Corporation, Civil Aviation Authority, House Building Finance Corporation and many Joint Stock Companies. Member: Commonwealth Journalist Association, England. Accredited Journalist from Sindh Government. Affiliated with London's firm of Solicitors: Commercial Associates, East London and New York's Mr. Richard Last, Attorney at Law. He will be helping our community in Banking, Rental, Property and Labor laws. To know more about him Click Here

Liaqat Banori
a veteran lawyer at High Court. He specializes in Civil, Criminal and family matters. A consultant for number of NGOs. He is a member of management committee of Crisis Center for Women in Distress, a project of ministry of women development Govt. of Pakistan Islamabad. He is the chairman of  SHARP, Society for the Human Rights and welfare of Prisoners.
He runs a free legal consultation center in Islamabad. Needy people can contact him on the following address.
Free Legal Aid Center
Chamber 95
Quaid-i-Azam block
District Courts

Hamad Gillani
is a  lawyer  at Lahore High Court. He holds a  Masters degree in political science as well, currently he is perusing the LL.M degree (masters in Law). He is already associated  with an association of lawyers here in Pakistan, which provides legal aid to deserving persons on different legal issues. He is a regular contributor  in local   newspaper on issues relating to law, politics and social affairs.He will be providing help on  money matters, property disputes, rent matters, arbitration issues, registration of documents in Pakistan i.e. Sale deed and banking law in Pakistan.
He also offers help on Canadian Immigration law( assessment of a candidate)

The answers given in this section are basically for community service and are generic in nature, and not at all amount to a formal legal advise sought on individual level Before any court of law. The team does not incur upon itself any legal responsibility regarding any of the answers given. It is advised to take opinion of a lawyer in case of an intricate legal complexity and before going to court of Law.