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Pakistani Community Council (PCC)
An Introduction
By Mohammad Ishaq Naseem Rana

Sept. 2000 - The PCC stands for PAKISTANI COMMUNITY COUNCIL. The PCC is a representative body of almost all the social organizations and politically affiliated parties in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Although political parties are member of PCC but, it is entirely non political and non-partisan in nature. This representative body was created about couple of years ago by all the just to solve Paksitani community day to problems, help motherland at the time of need, celebrate Pakistani national event, coordinate with Pakistan Embassy if needed to solve the community Problems. The PCC is comprised of Pakistan Forum, Pakistani Engineers Forum, NED Engineers Forum, Pakistani Businessmen & Professional Forum, Banking Forum, Pakistan Social Welfare Society, Overseas Pakistani Writers Forum, Urdu Markaz, Overseas Pakistan Society of Journalists, Majles-e-Ehbab-e Pakistan, People's Study Circle, Majlas-e-Kohsar, Pakistan Muslim League, Pakistan People's Party, Jumat-e-Islami, MQM, etc.. Following are the portfolio holders, who are also founder members at present:
Sajid Khan Abbasi, President
M, Ishaq Naseem Rana, Senior VP
Khalil Ahmed Choudhary, VP
Mohammad Naseem Pasha, VP
Dr. Fiaz Ahmed, VP
Javaid Inam, General Secretary
Mahmood Anwar Shah, Deputy Secretary
Huseen Khan, Finance Secretary
Hussan Nazeer Jafri, Secretary Legal Affairs
Husain Haider, Secretary, Technical Affairs
Qazi Mohammad Saleem, Secretary Social Welfare
Mushtaq Ahmed Malik, Patron In chief
Executive member
Shaukat Ali,
Syed Shahid Ali,
Mohamd Ismail Khan (Left KSA)
Ch. Zahoor-ul-Haq (Left KSA)

In brief PCC, other than celebrating national events the following
community and country services have performed.
1. First time elections were conducted in the Pakistani Community
School, Al-khbar to elect members of School Board .
2. Celebrate Pakistani Community Day in the Mohammad Bin Amusement
Park, Dhahran, once or twice a year.
3. Collected more 2.5 hindered thousands Saudi Riyals with the help of
Khaba Group for help Drought in Pakistan.
4. About three hindered thousands Riyals were collected for self
Reliance Fund.
5. Similarly forty thousands US dollars were collected for Debt Relief

There are other small services done by the Pakistani Community Council.
Last but not least, as a Pakistani it is our duty to help the motherland any
way we can . Believe me no one else will come to help us to solve our problems. Allah Subhana ho wa Taala helps those who help themselves. This is crucial time for Pakistan. We have to shun our differences and try to help
our Identity. Never think what Pakistan has given you, think only what you
have given to Pakistan.

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