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By Mohammad Ishaq Naseem Rana

Sept. 2000 - The long running dispute between the founder and ex Chairman of Saudi Arabian International School (Pakistani Section) well known as Pakistani Community School Al-Khobar and School board has been amicably solved out of court by the Eastern Province, Ministry of Education. Both parties signed written agreement in office of the Governor of Eastern Province in the presence of Director of Special Rights Mr. Abdullah Mallani in the Governor’s office, General Manager, Eastern Province Ministry of Education Mr. Doctor Saleh Jasem Al-Dossary, Attorney of Abbas Hussain Malik. Also were presents at this time were officers of Parallel Education Mr. Saud Al-Muhidab and Mubarik, Chairman of school board Dr. Bashir A. Naz, Vice Chairman Shaukat Ali, GS Ziaullah Bari and members Mohammad Naseem Pasha and Abdul Sattar. The news of the agreement was spread like a jungle fire in the community and the parents particularly whose children were studying in the School thanked Allah and admired Abbas Hussain Malik and Dr. Bashir Ahmed Naz Chairman of school board.
Due to this feud between board and Abbas Hussain Malik the development and progress of school had been paralyzed and financially the school was in miserable conditions. Even the teacher’s summer vacations salary was delayed. In addition to that students were migrating to other International schools of the area, resultantly the students population was decreasing. One time the student population was five thousands plus (boys and girls) and now it is about four thousands. . The parents and the Pakistani community as whole in the Eastern Province admired the founder of School, Mr. Abbas Hussain Malik for agreeing to drop the 10 million Saudi Riyal claim against the school that has been spent for establishing the school. The counter claims for compensation by the last school board members were also withdrawn.
Abbas Hussain Malik has been the Guardian of the school for more than a quarter century and had made this Institution on top of the line among the overseas Pakistani schools run by the Federal Board of Higher Secondary Education, Islamabad, Pakistan. Four times this school stood first from all the overseas School and won certificate and cash prizes. This was due to his devoted and dedicated efforts. He will be always remembered, as founder and pillar of the school and honor will be his in establishing this school in a small room in 1966-67 and turning it to magnificent buildings in the heart of Al-Khobar city. There are few people who have their reservations about Abbas Hussain Malik, but they also admire his services for establishing this school at the time it was mostly needed. The parents and prominent Pakistani community members appreciated both Abbas Hussain Malik and Chairman School board Doctor Bashir Naz for amicably solving this burning issue. They included Riaz Ahmed Bajwa/Mohammad Younas Qazi, President and VP of Parents Forum, Sajid Abbasi, President PML, Javed Inam, General Secretary NED Engineers Forum, Hussan Nazeer Jafri, Founder and President of Overseas Pakistani Writers Forum, Ch. Mohammad Ishaq, Founder Pakistani Engineers Forum, Hamid Usmani, Engineers Forum, Khawja Asmat Amin, Chairman, IEP in the Eastern Province Sub Center, Mohammad Kazim Malik, Ex President PPP, Syed Shahid Ali, Amir, Jamat-e-Islami, EP, Qazi Mohammad Saleem ex member of school board,and Mohammad Ishaq Rana, President Pakistan Society of Journalists Overseas, Mahmood Anwar Shah, President, PPP said it would have been better if the board of school have consulted the parents before entering into this agreement. If this were the only solution it would have been done earlier so that school lawyers fee could be saved.. The other parents included Imtiaz M. Minhas, Mohammad Anjum, Khalid Malik, Mohammad Rashid, Mohammad Bashir and many more.
Answering the questions to ContactPakistan correspondent the Principal Omar Farooq Minhas said, it is very happy news and I congratulate Abbas Hussain Malik and the Chairman school board Doctor Bashir Naz for resolving this matter. This will enable school management to pursue to develop development plans for the benefits of the students and community. The top priority other than educational affairs is to modernize and upgrade educational facilities, including the acquisition of land in Al-Rakah dist. In Dammam and the construction of modern school building. The Chairman of school board Dr. Naz said, the school board can now concentrate on development projects, like the relocation of school from the heart of city to more spacious and environmentally friendly surroundings, he praised the school founder Abbas Hussain malik for agreeing to withdraw the case. The founder’s son who is a General Manager in a company in Al-Khobar, said thank to Allah that we have been able to help the Pakistani community once again, once we have done while establishing this school many years ago. It has always my Dads desire to help Pakistani community in education field and we are proud of that we started this school as a plant and now it has turned into a fruitful tree. We thank and appreciate Pakistani community for admiring us.

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