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Importance Of Saudi / Pak cooperation
Underlined by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

By Pervaiz Imam

RIYADH, Sept. 24, 2000 – The Pakistani eminent nuclear scientist, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has underlined the significance of cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in various fields of science and technology, as members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).
Khan, here on a short visit, was addressing the students of the Pakistan International School, Riyadh on Thursday morning. He said, "on all occasions when Pakistan was confronted with difficulties and economic hardship, the Kingdom came forward to help overcome those adverse conditions. "We in Pakistan are proud of our friendship and cooperation with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," the nuclear scientist further noted.
He made a clarion call to the students to devote all their energies to constructive work, their class studies, discipline and sports activities as well.
"You should try to supersede the known scientists and technologists of the work through your efforts and hard work because the field of invention and new vision is very vast, " Dr. Khan observed.
He said that Pakistan is the only country among the 57 members of the OIC to have possessed the nuclear capability, depending of the policy of self-reliance. It has not received any aid from outside for this development, he added.
But Pakistan believes in peaceful cooperation and is ready to share its technical knowledge and experience with other OIC members in the spirit of promotion of knowledge and understanding.
Giving an example of cordiality between the Kingdom and Pakistan, Dr. Khan said, "on the day of nuclear test by Pakistan in Balochistan on May 28, 1998, the first congratulatory message he received was from the Saudi ambassador to Pakistan. Then the messages of the Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister and other dignitaries followed.
"We should now work hard to pool our resources, material and manpower, only to develop science culture in Pakistan. All other cultures have failed. We should save all we can for the promotion of science in our country," he strongly stressed.
He suggested that students should choose their career purely on their own choice. Parents should not force them to become doctor or engineer or scientist. It should be their propensity and mental liking, he added.
The scientist was profusely welcomed by a large number of students, although it was an off day for them.
The school’s principal Col. Nusrat Ali Shah Kazmi, SI (M) welcomed the chief guest and said that the enthusiasm of the teachers and students is so profound that they recorded hundred percent attendance on their off-day (Thursday) because they highly honored and deeply loved their national well known scientist.

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