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Moulana Fateh Mohammad visited Eastern Provice
M. Ishaq Naseem Rana (Correspondent, EP, K.S.A

Dammam, Sept. 2000 - Moulana Syed Abul Ala Madoudi’s (late) companion and
one of the founder members of Jamaat-e-Islami Moulana Fateh Mohammed visited Eastern Province where he was the Chief Guest and keynote speaker in a meeting of Pakistanis held under the auspices of Pakistan Forum in a local restaurant (Marhaba). Mr. Hamid Hussan, presided the meeting and Abdul Waheed performed as stage secretary. The program was started by the recitation from the holy Quraan by Mohammad Ismail. Mr. Abdul Waheed briefly introduced Moulana Fateh Mohammad to the audience.
Moulana Fateh Mohammad in his thoughtful address narrated the history of Pakistan since its independence, its problems and solution. He discussed
about three military rules elected rules in Pakistan. None of the rulers have been able to solve the Islamic, socio economic problems of the country and added miseries to the people. Today poor has become poorer and rich richer. Every leader did what suited him for his vested interests not for the sake of Pakistan. All rulers forgot the basic purpose the concept this country was created for where thousands of people sacrifice their lives, dignity and honor. This was living history’s larges migration. The rulers totally ignored the concept and pledge of Pakistan’s slogan “Pakistan ka matlib kia La ila ha ill Allah”  No ruler has sincerely tried to promulgate Islamic Shariat in the country. He said the solution of
Pakistan’s problems lies in the following remedial measures.
1. Choose an Islamist, honest and educated leadership
2. Introduce Nizam Mustafa, for which the country was created.
3. Elect the Allah fearing people
4. Get rid of secular minded leadership
5. Give priority to the education
At the end Syed Shahid Ali and President of Pakistan Forum, Mohammad Naseem Pasha thanked the chief guest and guests belonging to all walks of life for sparing their time to attend this meeting. A dinner was served.

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