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Senior Pakistani Retires to Islamabad
By M Ishaq Naseem Rana Correspondent, EP, KSA

September 27, 2000 - A very gentle and popular Pakistani Ghulam Mohammad
Abbasi, well known as GMA has retired after 26 years service with Saudi Aramco. He was Supervisor, Exploration and Contract Administration Unit. At his
retirement a luncheon party was arranged by his Department at the Salat Al-Khaleej, Dhahran to bid him farewell. Mr. M.A. Al-Baqi, Vice President,
Exploration, and other senior officers of Exploration attended this luncheon. Also bunch of Pakistanis working in senior positions in Saudi Aramco attended
the luncheon.
Assistant to the Vice President Mr. Abdul Mohsin Al-Dulaijan speaking on this occasion praised GMA and paid tributes to GMA’s professional, dedicated and
devoted services in the Exploration particularly his achievements for procuring four huge seismic contracts in record time of 3 months. We always admire his
responsible attitude, hard work and knowledge he has transferred to Saudis.
Similarly the Vice President, Mr. M. A. Al-Baqi expressed his appreciation for GMA. He said, GMA was an asset to the Exploration and honestly speaking he
had made my job easier. He was very responsible employee and has trained many Saudis. He has left footprints for other employees to follow. We wish him
success and happiness with his family back home. 
A signature scroll, showing his photograph where more than two hundred employees and his friends have signed was presented to him. VP also presented a Rolex watch for him and his wife to him.
GMA did not speak much but thanked his VP, Assistant to VP, his colleagues and friends for attending his luncheon party and convey his special thanks to his VP and other colleagues. He said, he would not have achieved this appreciation with out your support and help. My heart is filled with affections and I will
remember you all in my life. I have spent a major portion of my life in Dhahran and I consider Saudi Arabia my second home. You will remain always in my
heart. You are welcome to my home in Islamabad.
GMA has found children eldest son Mohammad is 28, Daughters Sadaf 26 and Huda 21 and son Sad is 16.  Huda is doing MBA in Hamadard University, Karachi and Saad is in A level. He has two grand daughters. The most admirable thing about GMA in my opinion is that he is retiring to Pakistan despite he has all the
chances and money to immigrate to any country of the world. All Pakistani should follow his example. Good Luck to him

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