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M. Ishaq Naseem Rana

(November 9, 2000) Mr. Rana Matloob Ahmad, Community Welfare Attaché, Embassy of Pakistan, Riyadh was the Chief Guest at the Pakistani Community Day, celebrated under the auspices of Pakistani Community Council to pay homage to Pakistani national poet Doctor Alama Mohammad Iqbal on his birthday. This event was celebrated at Mohammad Bin Fahd Amusement Park at Half Moon Beech, Dhahran where thousands of Pakistanis were gathered along with their families and children. The celebration of community day twice a year has become a tradition of PCC. And this time the birthday of our beloved poet, thinker and philosopher made this occasion more joyful.
Hafiz Waqas started the program with the recitation from the holy Quran. The General Secretary PCC, Mr. Javed Inam briefly explained the program proceedings and briefly introduced the Pakistani Community Council. Presenting the welcome address Mr. M. Ishaq Naseem Rana, Senior Vice President of PCC welcomed the chief guest Mr. Rana Matloob Ahmed who represented the Ambassador of Pakistan. He also thanked the organizers specially Mr. Qazi Mohammad Saleem and his team of volunteers, who has exerted tremendous efforts to make this day a great success despite of rainy and cold weather. He said along-with community day we are also celebrating the birthday of our beloved poet who dreamed the birth of a new Muslim Nation and what he envisioned now called Pakistan, our home, our soul our identity without which we are zero. He was the poet of the East whose revolutionary poems roused the spirit of revival of Islamic (Ummah) and the Muslims of sub-continent gathered under one umbrella of unity and his selected personality the Quaid-e-Azam along-with his compatriots putting tireless and endless efforts with numerous sacrifices made Doctor Iqbal’s dream a reality. Today we the Pakistanis need to follow his poetry believe me we could become a better Muslims. In his words a (Momin) and solve our problems.
The Chief Guest in his keynote address thanked the PCC for organizing such a beautiful functions where thousands of Pakistanis with their families are gathered and I am very much pleased to see them and feel as if I am standing in any corner of Pakistan. He admired the PCC and organizer for holding such a marvelous and disciplined gathering with happy and fresh faces. He told the audience that doors of Embassy are always open for you and we there to serve you. Talking about Pakistanis He said despite of difficulties that are of course temporary, we are proud of being a 7th Nuclear power in the world. Allah has blessed us such an able and capable manpower that can make miracles. Overseas Pakistanis are assets for us and we admire them and proud of them. Honestly speaking, you the Pakistanis working abroad have major contribution to make Pakistan a nuclear state. You can make Pakistan more prosperous while remitting your saving to Pakistan. Talking about Pakistani Saudi relations he said, we have very cordial relations with our brotherly country Saudi Arabia and we are proud of that. The Servitor of two holy Mosque King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud loves Pakistan and Pakistanis. He told that more manpower from Pakistan is arriving in the Kingdom.
He said, the birthday of Alama Iqbal our beloved national poet has doubled our happiness today and we are paying homage to him. The best respect for him would be to follow his teachings narrated in his poetry. He was not Pakistani poet or thinker, he was poet of the Islamic Ummah and his poetry covers the whole Islamic Ummah. He tried to awake the Muslims of the world to bring back their lost glory, dignity and honor. His poetry is well read and widely respected in all the countries particularly in Islamic countries and Western also. His revolutionized poetry has played a major role in winning the freedom of Pakistan from English and Hindus. He dreamed to have separate Muslim Nation in the sub-continent and his dream became reality at the creation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947.
After that Qazi Mohammad Saleem took the charge of most popular activity of community day that is the draws of gifts donated by the local companies including Dammam-Islamabad and Dammam-Jeddah Umrah tickets, TV, VCR, Music System etc. He also thanked the donors of gifts and parties who have put their stalls there. Javed Inam helped Qazi Saleem for this activity. Qazi Saleem was presented a "Plaque" of community service by the Chief Guest and certificates were presented to the volunteers.
At the end President of Pakistani Community Council, Sajid Khan Abbasi thanked the chief guest, the organizer for holding a wonderful evening and the Pakistani community for sparing their time to come to the park to celebrate community and Iqbal’s day.

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