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Jeddah Community

Weekly Jeddah Report
9th - 15th Nov. 2000

By Iftikhar Chaudhry


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, November 14, 2000 - On November 9, pakistan engineers’ society in jeddah held a seminar in Al Fau Holiday Inn. The topic was Investment attractions in Pakistan. The seminar was held at the time when anti Pakistan forces were creating bad image of our country.
President of Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia, Mr. Ahsan Rasheed, and director marketing Zafar Talpur played wonder role to arrange such a beautiful event. This function brought hundreds of Pakistanis together. The chief guest was Dr. Shahid Haque, managing director of Pak Arab refinery Mehmood Kot Multan, Pakistan, the biggest refinery built in proposed budget and in record time.
Engineer Qari Asif started the function by reciting verses from the Holy Quran followed by its translation in Urdu. Engineer Aziz Ahmed performed duties of the stage secretary. The president of the Pakistan Engineers Society (PESA), Dr. Wajahat Mirza presented a welcome speech in which he welcomed the guest of honor in Jeddah. He briefly outlined PESA activities in developing Pakistan cause in Saudi Arabia. Engineer Mirza in his speech paid tribute to Saudi government for providing best atmosphere to work and enjoy in the holy land. Chairman of PESA technical committee, Engineer Masud Saeed introduced Dr. Said Haq and highlighted his achievements in Pakistan. He was praised for building the country’s biggest refinery with the help of Pakistani engineers. Holiday Inn Crown Plaza hall witnessed loud cheers and applause for the golden son of Pakistan, Dr. Shahid Haque when he was invited to give a speech by engineer Aziz.
Dr Shahid Haque before presenting his paper said nothing is impossible for the great Pakistanis. He added, that we have completed the project, which was hanging in air since last 25 years and placed on grounds in record time of 18 months. Project investors were govt. of Pakistan and Abu Dhabi Company. Dr. Haque said Pakistani engineers and the workers are the best source of this success.
Dr. Shahid Haque who holds a master degree from the University of Punjab, added that nothing is for away if there is a will and means. My team showed practically in this project. Building of the 875 km pipeline was a big challenge and we completed this also in record time. On this occasion, a film of the construction in the remote of area of Punjab, was shown. A successful presentation took two hours. Each participant felt a self-member of this great nation, and this was the task of the sponsor to spread the message of greatness of this country.
The head of today’s function, Ahsan Rasheed, in his speech thanked guest of honor, Dr. Shahid Haque and said that country with the grace of Allah has great resources which most of the countries don’t have, and now we have started moving up. He also said that, we are going to start a big fund for Pakistan in the near future in which overseas Pakistanis will share for the development of their beloved country. The colorful gala ended with the spirit of building a new Pakistan. On the dinner table, participants extended congratulations to Ahsan Rasheed, Zafar Talpur, engineer Mumtaz, Masud Saeed, Dr. Mirza and engineer Aziz for these fruitful efforts. Later, Ahsan told reporters that he would continue to support of such functions of the Pakistani community.


Only one notable gathering is held in Jeddah by the Pakistan Repatriation Council. Other political organizations are waiting for the government of their likings to come in power, and then to organize such a function on Shaere (poet) Mashriq. On November 10, 2000 in Shaheen restaurant located at Azizia, this get together took place.
Here, the guest of honor was Khaled A. Al Maeena, a well known journalist and the present editor-in-chief of the popular English newspaper, the "Arab News". Engineer Ahsan Ul Haque presided in this function. Hamz Jamila, a young hafiz, recited from holy Quran. He also recited famous poems of Allama Iqbal as well. Searchers paid tribute to this philosopher poet. Sardar Rahmat khan, a social worker of Pakistani community in Jeddah spoke on the topic of the evening. He said that the poet Iqbal has given the message of jehad. The chief guest in his speech said that Allama Iqbal is not only a poet of Pakistan but for the whole of Muslims Ummah. Muslims problem will not be solved by others but will only be solved by themselves.
Haque, the president of the function, said that Ummah should come up to help Kashmiris, and the Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh. In two different resolutions, people showed support for Kashmiris and the stranded Pakistanis. A famous social worker, Hamid Islam Khan delivered his speech on the topic and thanked all the participants. Jeddah's local poets, Athar Nafees, Abbasi Mohsen Alwi, and Abdul Qayyum Mobin presented their slections on Iqbal.


Various leading personalities of the Pakistani community are criticizing the poetry session "Pakistan writers forum mushaira" in which two Indian poets recited their poetry against Pakistan. Readers are advised to go through these examples.

First is from Tabish Mehdi, an Indian poet. He recited:

[masalaiy khudd ba khudd hal ho jaian gaiy
aapni aapni hadoon main raha keejiay]

(Most Pakistanis think that this is the message from Vajpiaee)

The second poet was Kowamakhwa Mohauudin Haider Abadi. He said:

[azab e ajnabiyat kha makha sehnaiy siy behtar haiy
watn main zulm saiy larna hijrat magar naheen karna]

In the Saudi German hospital, reporter of this event voiced against this kind of poetry. In return Indians have now started writing against him in the weekly Urdu magazine of the Urdu News. Many Pakistanis have came up to support as they feel it is the voice of all Pakistani.

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