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Pakistani Ambassador HE Assad Durani Visits Eastern Province
Report M. Ishaq N. Rana

His Excellency the Ambassador of Pakistan Assad Durani visited Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia recently to meet with the Governor of Eastern Province. This was his first trip to the EP since his posting. Taking this opportunity the Pakistani Community Council arranged a reception and dinner in his honor at the Dhahran International Hotel, Dhahran. The Pakistani Community Council is a representative body of all the political parties and social forums in the Easter Province and the beauty of this body is that it is purely non-political and non-partisan in nature despite political parties are members of this council. The program was started with the recitation from the holy Quraan. HE. Ambassador was the Chief Guest at this occasion and PCC President Sajid Khan Abbasi, presided the function. Mr. Javaid Inam, General Secretary, PCC performed as Stage Secretary Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Malik, Patron Chief of the
PCC welcomed the Ambassador. on behalf of PCC  Mr. Asad Durani in his address thanked the PCC for holding such a splendid reception in his honor. He praised and admired the Pakistani Community in the Eastern Province for being together on a single platform. This is amazing and I am very happy that there is such a place where people with different opinions and belonging to different parties can sit together on a single platform. I wish Pakistanis at
all places should follow this example. He said such a representative body provides us a great help in carrying out our duties. We don't have to go different groups and forums; PCC has as a matter of fact made our job easy. He said I understand there must be complaints about the Embassy staff. I am a soldier and have different concept of doing things and get them
done My doors are open let me have you problems, suggestions in writing and I will try to solve them but what I cannot solve is the individual personal
problems. He promised to look at the details of opening a Community Center in the Eastern Province, which my predecessors have promised He shared with Pakistani community, the feelings that Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has very cordial and brotherly relations with each other. We always stand together shoulder to shoulder on all matters and time has
proved that we are the best brotherly nations that can depend on each other. The Custodian of the two holy Mosques King Fahad love Pakistan and Pakistanis and we should and we are proud of that. He said we should not
be disappointed. Our routes are strong and we are nuclear power in the world now. Nobody can dare to look at us with bad attentions. We have achieved all this despite of political instability, lack of education, religious tolerance He said I am strong believer of democracy. He stress Pakistanis to abide by the laws of land and prove themselves trust worthy.
Earlier Mr. Javaid Inam briefly introduced the PCC Executive body that comprised of Mohammad Ishaq Naseem Rana, Senior Vice President, Mr.Khalil Ahmed Choudhary, Vice President, Mr. Mohammad Naseem Pasha, Vice President, Mr. Mahmood Anwar Shah Deputy General
Secretary, Mr. Huseen Khan Finance Secretary, Mr. Mohammad Saleem Qazi, Secretary, Social Welfare and Mr. Hussan Nazir Jaffri, Legal Advisor. He also mentioned the achievements of PCC particularly collection for self-reliance and drought in the country. Also he suggested a insurance coverage to Pakistani who come to Saudi Arabia. At the end Mr. Sajid Khan Abbasi thanked HE Asad Durani and the guests for attending this function. on a very short notice He said we have always tried to solve our problems at community level and where we needed Embassy help, we requested them. I hope under your dynamic leadership relations with Saudi Arabia and Pakistani community in the Kingdom will be enhanced further. At the end he requested him to look at the proposal of Pakistani Community Center in Eastern Province.