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Going for Hajj
Check List
Prepared by Engr. SK Jafri (Riyadh)

The First Ten Days of Dhu’l-Hijjah


(Towel / Cloth)

Min is two. You may keep one more set to change Ehram after each use. Cloth other than towel is better for those who could have allergy or other problem with towel. May try one from each type.

Other Clothes

Keep them at a minimum since they occupy space. Recommend max two pairs.

Slippers or Chappal

Rubber slippers or chappal are good as they are light and washable. Recommend a small cloth or polythene bag to carry the slippers into the harem area in order not  to lose them. Recommend carrying two pairs of slippers or chappal.


Recommend a map of all Haj related areas to have a sense of direction during the haj activities. This is sometimes distributed by Saudi airlines. Check.

Waist Belt with pockets

This is highly recommended, as you must carry your ID, some cash, cards and addresses with you while in Ehram.

Light foodstuff

Biscuits, dry fruits (some qty for survival). Must carry good quantities if accompanied by children. Recommend to keep your solid diet to a minimum during the Haj days.

Your Personal ID, Address, Contact Numbers, Sponsor’s Name & Address and Phones etc.

I call it a big blunder not to carry these during haj with yourself 

(not to be kept in the hand-bag)

A Small Thermos (light weight)

This is optional but very important, fill it  with water from time to time from coolers, which will be available everywhere in all haj areas.

ORS (Salts)

This is also very important. Avoid continuous direct sunlight for long periods. In order to avoid heat stroke and dehydration you must keep on drinking (reasonable) quantities of water and preferably adding these salts to the water.


Other Medicines (optional)

Proper medical facilities will be available with doctors during haj, but you may keep your own specific medicines as necessary. Recommend Panadol tablets (Tempra Syrup for kids), Multi-vitamin tabs or syrup, cough syrup. Also must carry tablets/syrup for diarrheal conditions. If you know the anti-biotic that suits you, I recommend that  as a must take.

Umbrella (optional)

You cannot easily walk with an open umbrella in large crouds since it causes inconvenience to others, but if you are with children, better keep one. Sometimes you have to use it.

Seven Bead Tasbeeh

I personally recommend this, as it is useful to count the Tawaf and the Safa/Marwa roundtrips OR have any other suitable way to remember the roundtrip counts.


It is your choice.


Necessary Haj related book(s) in small size, a pen or pencil.