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Riyadh, 4th March, 2001 - The Information Technology Matrix a Saudi Based Internet and Network Security consultant organization, conducted a seminar describing the implications of Cyber War. Representatives of leading private sector and government institutions, including Banks, ISPs and education sector attended the seminar.
Mirza Asrar Baig the CEO of IT Matrix emphasized on the fact that though reaping the benefits of connecting to internet is very luring, the Saudi organizations should not overlook the venerability side of the same " Anyone connected to the Internet, like it or not has the potential to be directly involved in a Cyber War". Said Baig.
He went on to describe the three forms of Cyber War. Starting Propaganda & Disinformation followed by semi Professional disruptive attacks leading to a full professional Cyber War.
Just imagine if a major city in the Kingdom came under a coordinated cyber attack, well in advance Trojans can be placed in mission critical Networks through out the City. Communication ports would be opened in Server Mode, Ready to serve the remote attacker's commands. They can bring down emergency response systems. Financial systems would be paralyzed, communication systems would be compromised. Transportation system could be crippled. Even the attackers can disrupt the power grid, this is not the stuff from science fiction" he went on to say that the western nations have been preparing for such Cyber warfare for over two decades.
Dr. Eyas Al-Hajrey was at the Seminar as the special guest speaker. His presence was significant as he is the head of Information Security Center at KACST (King Abdul Aziz City of Science and Technology).
Dr. Eyas appreciated the efforts of IT Matrix in creating the awareness of Security issues for the Saudi Organizations.
He particularly stressed to the audience on the importance of taking security as a process and making sure to have an appropriate security policy, he replied by clarifying that KACST is just a transient provider and is very keen in assuring that local organizations take security seriously. "The role of KACST is to create awareness, He explained". For that KAXST has just recently launched a Web site, the responsibility to adequately securing the network of an organization is totally on that organization.
Mirza urged all Private and Government organizations to make a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities in a Cyber attack, as well as re-do the Network designing with emphasis on Security. Training, awareness and response procedures would be the key in minimizing the damage.
Many organizations have security in place and think that they are protected, but that is a False Sense of Security. Lack of understanding of security as a process of 24x7x365 would eventually lead to security breaches, even for organization that may have spent Millions on Security Gadgets.

A simple scan of Saudi Network shows that good number of servers is announcing their presence for potential Hackers. The structure of Internet enables one with very low resources & adequate knowledge to play havoc to multiple networks simultaneously.

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