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Pakistani International School Riyadh needs a complete Overhaul ?


Assalaam o Aliakum

To all my Brothers & Sisters

Please refer to your suggestions and comments raised in contactPakistan on different dates. I herby appreciate your concerns which are equally important to me as well. In this connection, I would like to discuss the raised and other important issues of the PISR which needs immediate attention and action by the whole PAK community. In addition, the solutions and recommended action by myself will be pointed out as well.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Tahir Butt and his counterparts for launching and maintaining the excellent website, "". This has provided us the opportunity and an ultimate platform to discuss, point out and resolve the PISR problems and issues and to enable the PAK community to send their valuable suggessations as well. This will enable us to make this educational institution not only an ideal one but it will be an example for other communities to follow. In addition, we will also fulfill an important obligatory duty imposed on us by our Lord to provide our new generation, the right education and training , so that they will become a true Muslim and become an asset of our beloved Islami Jamohariya PAKISTAN.
1.. The school curriculum and Syllabus needs a lot of improvement to meet this fast changing world and the new technical advancement of this millennium. Our whole education system requires a complete overhaul as well because it has been developed by the British Sahib Bahadurs and does not meet our Islamic values and requirements. The standard of education requires an immediate upgrading in coordination of our Ministry and Federal Board of education. It is requested from all parents and community members to send us their valuable suggessations. We have to work in a united and well coordinated way and all of us have to volunteer our expertise and services in this regard. A policy and action line is recommended to be prepared on this basis and to be implemented as soon as possible.
2.. The Tuition Fees Structure has to be modified and the school should run on no profit and no loss basis. All the deserving students should be given proper and fair concession without any discrimination. Parents should have access to the list and any fee concession can be challenged and will be cancelled if found non-deserving. An important aspect of this policy should be to take care of those children whose parents are unable to send their children because of financial problem or have lost their jobs. In my opinion, the fees should be waived off for the whole non-employment period. To form such a policy , all community members are welcome to send me their valuable suggestions.
3.. The teaching and administrative staff of this community school should be highly professional. There are so many reservations of the parents regarding the current staff. We will try to uplift the teaching staff standard as per the requirements of professionalism without any favour and discrimination to any particular community. Merit shall be the only criteria on which a teacher will be able to teach in this School. The required trained and professional teachers shall be arranged as required. This is an utmost requirement of a professional educational institution which we will try to achieve by any means. I assure all of you that no favour and pressure will be accepted in this regard as we cannot scarify on this matter.
4.. The number of student in a class should be such that the teacher can give equal and required attention to each student and teach them properly as required. At present the number of students in each class are very much above the required standard. Efforts shall be made to limit to 2o to 25 students per class. A new building to meet the over growing demand and to achieve the above-mentioned standard is of a paramount importance to upgrade the education level of this institution. Funds are required which can be obtained as loan from the Banks. Available Funds have to be studied as well. As per unconfirmed reports, 1.3 Million riyals annually been paid for the current premises of the school. Our Embassy is trying to obtain plot for the new school building. Your suggessation in this respect are very much important.
5.. Another important issue raised is the cheating in examinations. Strict measures shall be taken in this regard to eradicate it. All persons who are involved in this practice will be dealt with Iron Hands irrespective how resourceful they are. Your cooperation and indication of such means and procedures are required so the immediate and urgent measures could be taken in this regard. I assure all of you that your Board of director will do his best in this regard.
6.. This is my and will be the dream of all community members to make this institution an ideal one in each respect so that we all shall be proud of it. In addition, it will be a sample for all other communities as well. Peoples will be forced by themselves to send their children instead of sending them in private and other communities schools, which is really a shame to us. May Allah Fulfill this dream and give us the required courage and ability to do this which, is not impossible. Ameen.
7.. We are almost at the end of the year 200/2001 session, new year's calendar is already prepared by the school, but I think we have to review it and will accommodate few new things, any suggestion will be appreciated.
In the last I would like to bring your attention that no improvements are possible without the help and will of the community members. Your continuous involvement, suggessations, criticism, and voluntary services shall be the governing factor in achieving the above-mentioned Goal and keeping the school management on the right TRACK as well. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated. You may contact me anytime on my mobile on the following numbers:

054 438 224 and 054 174 683.

n addition you can send me either emails on or lets discuss it on .

Allah hamara hami wa nasir Ho. Aameen

Remember Together WE can Make a Difference!

Allah Hafiz
At your service always

Iftikhar Ahmed Khan

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