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Pakistani Community Council Celebrates
Pakistan Day in Al Khobar
Report by Ishaq Rana

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, April 6, 2001- The Pakistani Community Council (PCC), a representative body of all the politically affiliated parties, forums and social organizations in the Eastern Province which includes PML, PPP, JI, Pakistan Forum, Businessmen & Professional Forum, Pakistani Engineers Forum, NED Engineers Forum, Pakistan Society of Journalists, Writers Forum, Urdu Markaz, Pakistan Society of Journalists (Overseas), Peoples Study Circle and Social and Welfare Society celebrated the 61st Pakistani National Day (Yom-e-Pakistan) with fervor and great enthusiasm at Marhaba Hotel, Al-Khobar on March 30, 2001.
Mr. Tassawar Khan, First Secretary, Embassy of Pakistan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and a prominent Doctor Abdul Rauf, former Rector of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science and Technology and a visiting Professor from KFUPM were the chief guests on this great national day occasion.
Mohammad Ismail started the ceremony by recitation from the Holy Quran. The master of the ceremony role was performed by engineer Saeed Khan of NED Engineers Forum. He thanked the guests and requested the Chief Guests and the President of the event, Sajid Khan and Patron Chief of the PCC to take their allotted seats at the stage. He then requested Mohammad Ishaq Rana, Senior Vice President of PCC to formally begin the proceedings by welcoming the guests.
Rana thanked the chief guests, president, audience and congratulated them on this happy occasion. He said this was the day we set our goals and put out all efforts to achieve it and this became a reality, only with the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his compatriots who work selflessly for the cause of motherland now known as the great Pakistan and this is our identity now. He said, "we need not to worry, disappoint and loose heart. As a matter of fact sixty years or so is nothing in the lives of nations. There is no doubt that we have a long way to go but, by at the same time we can take genuine pride to many of our achievements as compared to the time when Pakistan came into being.
Our biggest achievement is that Pakistan is the seventh nuclear power in the world and that is our pride. Surely much has to be done to achieve the rightful position in the company of nations. This requires more sacrifices and sense of unity to overcome heaviest odds, which lie ahead. Let us pledge on this day that we would shun the prejudices of religion, language, race, caste and creed go shoulder to shoulder to make Pakistan a real Islamic Welfare State.
Jamshed Riaz criticized the politician and military governments who have made Pakistan one of the biggest loan taker countries in the world. The World Bank and IMF dictate us their terms and they have the right to do so as we depend on them for these loans. If we want to make Pakistan a strong Islamic State we had to get rid of loans and learn to stand on our own feet. This is the only solution with us at present.
Iqbal Abbasi said we need to do practical things than mere slogans. We have to compare ourselves with other nations to find out where we stand and then set our goals. We are often called by the West as fundamentalist, a drug country and terrorists etc. We have to change ourselves if we want a respectable position in the world.
Mahmood Anwar Shah, President of PPP said that the center should be strong. Our problem is that the center is getting weaker and weaker and provinces are making more and more demands. We believe in democracy and that is the only way to solve the problems in Pakistan.
Choudhary Zahoor Ahmed, President, PML of Dammam region said, "the creation of Pakistan was a miracle in the World which was created on the solemn pledge to promulgate Islam in Pakistan.  Unfortunately our leader forgot the promise and the politicians run the country on false slogans and where we stand now every body knows it. Being a seventh nuclear power is not a big deal, there are number one and two nuclear powers also. What we need is patriotism and that should start from ourselves and from our home, from our children.
When the love with Pakistan is in our heart, believe me all our problems will be solved and Pakistan will become a true Islamic nation in the world.
Syed Shahid Ali, Amir of JI said March 23rd is the message of peace and prosperity for Millat-e- Islamia. Islamic world expect great ambitions from Pakistan and we have to fulfill our obligation to lead the Islamic world. He criticized the politicians and bureaucrats who grabbed the fruits of freedom and the masses who sacrificed everything for the sake of motherland have been thrown away. People with vested interests ruled the country, some times disguised in the form of democracy and sometimes in the uniform. The governments are changed and thrown in days. India is not leaving any stone unturned to undo (God forbid) Pakistan. Unfortunately, we ourselves are helping India in this regard. Our nation is in the sate of sleep; we will have to wake up.  He said Pakistan has a loan of $38 billions. Ten billions are accountable and accountability
of rest of $ 28 is not available. Who is answerable to that? The truth is that we are very capable nation in the world. We have made miracles, what we need is to rise from the odds. The strong Pakistan will be crushing blow on the face of India. What we need is to stand on our own feet and our decision should be made in Islamabad not in White House, an obvious reference to the U.S.A. We have to protect our sovereignty and then only then we can succeed and make Pakistan a strong nation in the world.
Zain Siddiqui, Nazim, Urdu Markaz and Tariq Mahmood paid tribute to Yom-e-Pakistan by reciting their patriotic poems.
Doctor Abdul Rauf, the chief guest, in a short speech said, "I have heard lots of speeches, but I would stress on one thing only and that is "education". If you want to develop Pakistan and take a good position in the company of nations, we have to exert all our efforts towards spreading the education in Pakistan at all levels. We should bring revolution in Science and Technology to solve our problems. He said democracy couldn't solve our problems. He said the best way to help in the field of education is that each of us should pay the expenses of at least one child, may be of your relatives who cannot afford to educate their children or find some one in your vicinity.
This should be our objective. The nations are built like this.
Tassawar Khan, chief guest said, Al-Hamdo Lillah despite of our shortcoming we are not that behind in the society of nations. We have made achievements, although on certain fronts we are still behind and all efforts are being made to over come those problems.   He went to say that every year we make speeches and go and then forget, what we said and promised. I believe that every one of us has to be a true Pakistani not by words but by our deeds. Create a Pakistan in your heart; transplant it in your family and then to relatives to Gali, Mohalla, town, city and country. Where are those true feeling when we created Pakistan. That is what we need now. He congratulated the audience and said that it is you who can make Pakistan strong and prosperous.
Winding up the proceedings, the PCC president, Sajid Khan Abbasi, thanked the chief guests and other notables and said; "I have been moved with the speeches of various speakers that showed full patriotism towards the country. It is true that we have a long way to go, but it is also true that we are not that behind. Once we are on the right path or track we will cover the lost way, because we are fully capable nation. We celebrate our national days, as these are refresher courses for us. Even if we are able to convince few our brothers, we have achieved something. I always believe that Insha Allah Pakistan will strike back and will become the leader of Islamic world.

He also thanked the organizers Abu Waqas (PCC), Haseen Khan (MQM), Qazi Mohammad Saleem (PCC) and Saeed Ahmed Khan (NED Engineers Forum).

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