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A Seminar on Digital Security
Report by : Zaheer uddin Butt

The Information Technology Matrix, a Saudi Based Internet and Network Security consultant organization conducted a seminar describing the wider picture of Digital Security. Representatives of leading Government institutions like SAMA, SCECO, STC and different Banks attended the Seminar. With all the talk of connectivity of networks, Internet and e-commerce, what is not to be forgotten is the most important factor which will keep it all together, that is DIGITAL SECURITY.
This was the focus of discussion in a DIGITAL SECURITY seminar held in Riyadh. The host was IT Matrix, a security solution provider in the Kingdom. Mirza Asrar Baig the CEO of IT Matrix stated "We believe in educating the local organizations about the risks of "getting connected" along with its benefits." The low level of knowledge about DIGITAL SECURITY is of alarming concern. Mirza stressed on the fact that numerous local organizations are connected to the net and are wide open to hacker attacks.
The comparative magnitude will be very visible if we look at the fact that USA with all its digital security knowledge is still very worried about "cyber pearl harbor". Which means to realize that today someone with small resources can easily launch a cyber attack of a considerable magnitude, which can bring down a country. IT Matrix and "@Stake (USA)" an independent digital security consultant have partnered to bring internationally acclaimed DIGITAL SECURITY expertise to the Kingdom. In the seminar IT Matrix and STAKE gave a broader picture of DIGITAL SECURITY to key infrastructure and financial organizations. John Millard, @STAKE's VP Sales, cleared the misconception of security is restrictions instead by elaborating @STAKEs' first principal of best online security being the one that lets most people in. John stressed on the point that Success does not come from hiding behind a Firewall, It comes from opening up your business to your customer and partners. This kind of openness introduces both unparalleled opportunity and unprecedented risk. He further added that @Stake can help you understand and manage the security risks inherent in your business model.

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