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Dr. Inam Ul Haq Javed Regales Mushira Lovers at Tariq Soomro's
Event Reported by Parvaiz Imam

For Urdu Version
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, May 19, 2001 – Dr. Inam Ul Haq Javed, a visiting poet from Islamabad was the guest of honor at a poetic session (Mushaira) hosted by Tariq Soomro, a professional services manager working with Compaq, at his residence at the Hammad compound and organized by the Pakistan Cultural Group (PCG).

The other well-known city poets who also delighted the large gathering were Javed Akhtar Javed, Hussain Sehr, Adel M. Lahori, professor Waheed Mirza, Dr. Jaffer Rizvi and Musafer Lodhi.
All the audience was enthralled with the exciting recitations from Dr. Inam and the other local poets. The jam-packed hall was in a find mood to enjoy the evening and every line that the participants recited received wide applause.
The evening gained prominence when two new poets, Mahmoud Anwar – PIA accounts manager and Kashif Naveed were introduced for the first time through the courtesy of Soomro. Both of them impressed with their humorous and normal pieces, which went well with the mood of the gathering.
While Mushaira lovers enjoyed good, refreshing and poetic treat, Marhaba restaurant treated all with some finger licking Pakistani dishes. Living up to the traditional Sindh custom for welcoming the guests, Soomro presented "Ajrak" to Dr. Inam amidst loud applause.
The efforts put up by Soomro and the PCG were well appreciated in the city circles. The atmosphere in the hall was friendly, informal and cordial. All poetry lovers were welcomed with warm smile and hospitality befitting a Pakistani character.

 Some of the refreshing thoughts presented by the poets at this evening were:

Ab Na Ahle Shabab Aate Hain

Aur Na Taza Gulab Aate Hain

Is Burape Main Roz Anwar Ko

Bus Drawoone Say Khawb Ate Hain

(Mahmood Anwar)

Odhar Nakay Pay Naka Chal Raha Hai

Idhar Dakay Pay Daka Chal Raha Hai

Odhar Mansooba Bandi Ho Rahi Hai

Idhar Kakay Pay Kaka Chal Raha hai

(Dr. Inam Ul Haq Javaid)

Pehchaan Kay Lay Jaoon Agar Bar Na Guzray

Kal Raat Main Chokhat Pay Jabeen Bhool Gaya Tha

Tum Keh Do Na Ane Ka to Ajaoon Main Phir Bhi

Ae Jaan Main Aisa to Nahin Bhool Gaya Tha

(Kashif Naveed)

Uske Hone Say Mujhe Uska Nagar Achha Laga

Rait Kay Is Shehr Main Wofi Chara Gar Achha Laga

Umr Bhar Apna To Bus Yeh Hi Raha Zou Q-E-Nazar

Aik Baar Achha Laga To Umr Bhar Achha Laga

(Professor Waheeb Mirza)

Tipu Ka Khoon Bahaya Tha Goroon Ne Kal To Aajj

Mauqa Mila Hai Kujh Ko Bhi Dil Kay Sukoon Ka

Kaloun Ka Khoon Jism Main Goroon Kay Daal Kar

Main Intiqam Laita Hoon Tipu Kay Khoon Ka

(Dr. Jaffer Rizvi)

Dil Main Uski Yaad Kay Jugnoo Kahan Say AaGaye

Shehr Main Yeh Dasht Kay Aahoo Kahan Say AaGaye

Uski Batoun Main Chhanakti Paayeloun Kay Get Hain

Tez Say Lehje Main Yeh Ghungroo Kahan Say Aagaye

(Hussain Sehr) 

Kitni Pur Noor Hay Yeh Raat Khuda Khair Karay

Ranj O Gham Karb Kay Lamhat Khuda Khair Karay

Lakh Socha Magar Hum Keh Na Sakay Kuch Un Say

Dil Ki Dil Main Hi Rahi Baat Khuda Khair Karay

(Javed Akhtar Javed)

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