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1969 NEDians gathered to celebrate Valima function of Engr. Khalil Alawala’s son Junaid in Mississauga Canada
Report by Engr. Naheed Ghazanfar Canada

June 2001- Engr. Khalil hosted a very impressive and gorgeous valima dinner in the honor of wedding of his son Junaid. The function was held at a beautiful banquet Hall - Namely. "Candle" at Mississauga, a city located west of Toronto in Canada.
Guests had come from all over Greater Toronto area and USA.Eight NEDians from1969 batch also attended this ceremony. The group of NEDians was most cheerful and outstanding even though most of them were already Grand dads.
Aftab as usual walked in as the last guest. Aftab looked extremely smart and equally young as his grand son Salman. Most of the guests were quite confused as to who was the dada and who was pota (grand son) as both had same innocent face as if they know nothing.
Irshad was very impressive as he was the only one flown in from US and carrying a most modern digital camera.
Chishtey was very cheerful, as he had the good news of having sold his business - looked like he has robbed these "Goras" as usual and made lots of money. I hope he does head off to casino Niagara. Mrs. Chishtey was very happy of being relieved of spending 12 hours every day supervising Chishtey managing (miss-managing), the business. As you all know Chishtey being a politician was always the most difficult to be supervised he starts giving orders to his supervisors.
Mansoor was very happy he has decided to make a "Takhta" of the Chartered Accountants and the taxation system of Canada. He is joining a Chartered Accountants office from Monday June 11, 2001. God Bless the Chartered Accountant since Engineer turned - CA is the most dangerous, he is being a good mathematician evolves his own auditing system. I am sure Mansoor will find out such short cuts of auditing that the CA may offer him his entire business.
Rehan looked so impressive and dignified that most of us were thinking that he cannot be an ex army man. He is too intelligent and too smart to be there. Rehan and his wife are expecting a plane full of guests and are busy buying mattresses and quilts. Good news is that he will start a consultancy service for how to establish a Quilts and Mattress bank.
Sibte Kazim and his wife looked so young that every one thought they are from 1999 batch and not 1969. All of us were wondering about what do they eat or how much have they spent on face-lift !!!!!!!
Mrs. Manzoor Mehmood represented Manzoor, who is busy printing US$s at some deserted place in the Middle East.
Naheed Ghazanfar was there too. She went around introducing herself as a classmate and then suddenly she realized oops!!! Every one has come to know my age but the bullet was already out! Poor Naheed!!!!! 
There was a photo session; one photograph was taken of the Nedians with the groom and the bride. Another group photograph was taken of the entire NEDians group -- Irshads digital camera was used so we will get the pictures real fast. Hopefully by the year 2010.
Another photograph of all the spouses with the groom and the bride was taken and Naheed remarked Thanks God Ghazanfar is not here otherwise he would have been standing in the middle of this group of pretty ladies.
The Valima was very good, food was sumptuous and the way Khalil was asking all the guests how did the food taste? that all of us suspected he had been working in the kitchen of Candle Banquet Hall. 
The Valima party was still continuing when the NEDians group departed.

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