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Reports Ishaq Rana, Correspondent, Eastern Province  

(EP-KSA Sept, 2001) A colorful musical ceremony to celebrate the 54th Yome Azadi was held at ROC Compound Khobar under the auspices of Friend Forum and Mujbil Company with fervor and great enthusiasm. Mr. Tassawar Khan, First Secretary, Embassy of Pakistan, Riyadh was the chief guests of this ceremony. 
Engineer Shoaib started the ceremony with recitation from the holy Quraan. Three persons performed as compares, Gulraiz Butt, (Gulraiz Butt also entertain the audience with his jokes), Tariq Babri and Iqbal Qamar. All the audience stood up and sung the National Anthem with the artists. Bakhtiar Ahmed Organizer of this function welcomed the artists and guests and congratulated them on this happy occasion. He said this program is different in a way that almost all the artists of Eastern Province are gathered here to celebrate this day and pay homage to our ancestors through singing national songs (qomi naghme, tranay and lok-geet). All the artists sung a famous prayer song (A piyare logo sajday main ja k duaa mango Rub say). The others included: Dil Dil Pakistan, Himmat say har qadam othana too hai Pakistani, Ham zinda Qom hain and many more. The late Usatad Amanat Ali Khan’s Chand meri Zamin Chand Mera Waten was well presented by the 5 men chorus. The patriotic feelings were aroused with these songs. The audience widely applauded the artists.
Bakhtiar Ahmed a famous Ghazals singer entertained the audience with the national song written by Iqbal Qamar and composed by Bakhtiar (Azadi ka jashan bapa shehroon, Qasboon, Gaon main).  
Sobia Bakhtiar made the speech on Yome Azadi and said this is the day we all should be proud of. This day we won freedom and got our identity. We have gathered here to pay homage to our beloved country and pledge that we will make Pakistan a true Islamic State and will not let any stone unturned to make Pakistan a great nation.  
Doctor Azam Khokhar, a prominent journalist and General Secretary of Pakistan Society of Journalists (Overseas) said this was the day we achieve our goal, under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam and his compatriots who work selflessly for the cause of motherland, Pakistan and that is our identity. What we need today is to follow the principles set by our founder i.e. Faith, Unity and Discipline. We should be proud of being 7th Nuclear Power in the world. Let us pledge to day that we would shun the prejudices of religion, language, race, cast and creed and go shoulder to shoulder to make Pakistan a real Islamic State. 
Ishaq Rana conducted a random quiz program. The questions were based on Yome Azadi-e-Pakistan. Miss Salwa Iqbal Co-compare helped in the quiz program. Ishaq Rana made a point and requested the parents to teach their children more about Pakistan. The prizes were given to the winners. 
Tassawar Khan, chief guest congratulated all Pakistanis and thanks the organizers and said you are the un-appointed Ambassadors of Pakistan. You might have noticed that in the community of nations they don’t call you by your name but by your nationality.
He said it is good to show your love to homeland by organizing such functions and also he urged that we have to protect our ideology and remain united. Al-Hamdo Lillah despite of our shortcomings, we are not that behind in the society of nations. We have made big achievements, although on certain fronts we are still behind and all efforts are being made to over come those problems. He said every year we make speeches and go and then forget, what we said and promise. I believe that every one of us has to be a true Pakistani not by words but by our deeds. Create a Pakistan in your heart; transplant it in your family and then to relatives to gali, mohalla, town, city and country. We need to revive those true feeling that created Pakistan. That is what we need now. He stressed Pakistanis to remit their money to Pakistan through banking channels. He said that it is you who can make Pakistan strong and prosperous. Referring to Saudi Pakistani relations he said we are proud to have cordial relations with our brothers. The Government of the Servitor of Two Holy Mosques love Pakistan and Pakistanis. We have to prove ourselves to their expectation. 
At the end Syed Waseem Haider, sponsor of this function thanked the chief gust and Pakistanis and congratulated the organizer, artists for such a good function. Bakhtiar also thanked the guests and the participating artists, Iqbal Rana, Irfan Rana, Shakir Jan, Mohammad Hussain, Syed Tariq, Khalid Siddiqi, Mohammad Hussain, Yaqoob Khan, Abdulghani Jat, Sohail Khurshid, Talha and Ejaz Gill were appreciated for their Rhythm and organs.

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