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Pakistani International School (ES)
Students have Done It Again!

Exclusively coverage for CP by Somira

September 2001- Once again the students of the Pakistan International School (English Section ), Riyadh achieved a hundred percent result with 11 A* , 17 A’s and 14 B’s in this June 2001 I.G.C.S.E (International General Certificate of Secondary Education ) examination, conducted by the University of  Cambridge, London.
Amongst the girls, Momina Mughal scored A* and 4A’s on an eight point scale of grades, being the highest. The other outstanding girls were: Redah Khan ( 1A* and 5 A’s), Tahira Raza (2A* and 2A’s) and Shafaq Soomro ( 1A* and 1A). while amongst the boys, the highest was achieved by Shehraiz Hussain (4A* and   2A’s). Top position holders Momina Mughal, Shafaq Soomro and Tahira Raza expressed their desires to become engineers while Redah Khan opted for the field of business.
Momina Mughal said, “ I intend to give my SAT’s privately and then join my sister in Canada, who is studying business. I wish to take up studies in engineering. My aptitude is towards engineering and art therefore I would like to become an architect.”
Shafaq Soomro said,  “ My ambition is to become a Software engineer as I believe that is the best field in the computer industry. Everybody will need to know about it in order to succeed. I also believe that this is the age of computer technology and we cannot afford to lag behind therefore I intend to excel in the field of computers.”

Tahira Raza said, “ Engineering in computers seems to be the top most option nowadays. There are so many different interesting categories in it like that involving the Internet, that of software programming and the latest being that of Artificial intelligence. I have idolized my father and wish to follow his footsteps and become a computer engineer.”

While Redah Khan said, “ Basically my interest is in business. I desire to specialize in finance as well as to become a managing director. In my opinion, this subject is very interesting and challenging. It requires special skills to manage different situations and people. Hence I plan to take up studies in business.”

All the students unanimously agree that they owe their grades to their teachers and the school as they worked so hard that the students did not feel the need of extra classes from outside the school. Unlike other students who sit 4 I.G.C.S.E subjects one year and 4 subjects the next year, all the Pakistan
International School (English Section) students sat 8 subjects at the end of two years, proving their capabilities further more.
Shafaq Soomro said, “ Being the second batch, our targets were already set for us, which were to achieve more than what the first batch had achieved. By the Grace of God, we were able to accomplish our goals due to our teacher’s guidance and our continous struggling. All of us would also like to thank our teachers for their guidance and our principal, Mrs. Nighat Wali for her support. Last but not the least I would to thank my parents for always being there when I needed them.”
Redah Khan, who secured an A* in Chemistry said, “ Even though Chemistry is my favorite subject, I truly owe this A* to my teacher, Mrs. Sajida Imran . Without her guidance I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.”
While Momina Mughal and Tahira Raza said, “We thank all those who made it possible for us to achieve our goals including our friends as well as those who prayed for us.”
The teaching staff consists of: Shahida Hassan (Biology), Shama Fazli ( Maths),  Lubana Kamran(English), Wafa Al-Saeed  (Islamic Studies), Sajida Imran (Chemistry), Naima Waqar ( Urdu), Dr. Estella O’ Brien (physics), Attia Nadeem (Pakistan Studies) and Sharmin (Business Studies)
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