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Americans disappoint Pakistanis

NEW YORK, Feb 4 (NNI): Pakistani government’s open handed efforts in search for the kidnappers of the American journalist, have overwhelmed American Government's attitude in ignoring to make any arrests or find a suspect of the Pakistani Citizen murderers.
The Pakistani was murdered in Dallas, Texas, the state of President Bush on Sep.14.
Life of Waqar Hasan ended in a pool of blood on the floor of his grocery store in Dallas The motive seemed clear ,hate that boiled up around Muslims in the days immediately following Sept. 11. Hasan's murder became one of three high-profile killings described as ethnically motivated. His case was one of 40 the Justice Department began investigating as a hate crime. Hasan’s murder is now in the hands of local detectives
American journalist Daniel Pearl kidnapped 11 days before have made the Pakistan police agencies on toes, several arrests were made, search at a number of places including cemeteries was carried out. The government have even taken the decision to extradite one of the prime suspect Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani to U.S
The U.S police which is considered to be highly advanced in technology, failed to find a single suspect in a harassed Dallas neighborhood, dissatisfy for not making any arrest. Ironically , the officials say "there is no witness" nobody saw anybody entering or going out of store, and there were no video cameras installed.
Interestingly in Pearl’s case the same U.S government is pressurizing government of Pakistan claiming to find a witness, as if the kidnapping occurred in presence or knowledge of Government police officials.
The Pakistani citizen was murdered by an American terrorist, and in four and half months no arrest made nor police could find a suspect. If the U.S government cannot find a terrorist in their own country then their claim to search Osama in a foreign country like Afghanistan becomes baseless.—NNI

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