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Jash-E-Baharan (Basant Maila) at Dammam Courniche
Ishaq Rana Regional Editor Eastern Region KSA

(Ishaq Rana, Dammam Feb 15, 2002)  Jashn-e-Baharan or Basant Maila or kite flying festival has become a very strong tradition in the Eastern Province of KSA now where thousands of Pakistani gathered at Dammam Corniche and enjoy kite flying. People fly paper kites with powdered glass coated cotton thin string called (Dor) the purpose is to go into “ Paicha” (where two or more kites strings cross) then using a special flying techniques, cut the string of the other kite (s). There are different types of kites. Most popular of them is Gudha, Pattang, Lifo and decorative Gudhas and Gudhis (smaller one).
There are two major teams of kite flying. One is lead by Mohammad Iqbal Chouhan and Mian Shafiq. They are the Chairmen of their teams and each team has captain and players who fly kites and try to cut each other’s kites. To take part in the festival Pakistanis and their families starting pouring at Dammam Corniche in the morning, after the Jumah prayers thousands of people gathered there and by Assar time the area was crowded and it look like a big picnic party where hundreds of families were taking their lunches and meals. The worth mentioned thing is that the families and fond of kite flying came from other cities of the Eastern Province including Al-Jubail, Khobar, Al-Hafoof, Rahima and Abqaiq. Some of the people came from
Riyadh as well. It is worth remembered that both the teams bring lunch (Lunger) for team players and their guests. The biggest paicha is called “Sham Kalyan” and that is the last part of the event. Two teams fly their biggest Gudhas and each player take part in it and before this match sweets is also distributed. 
All sports including this one are to create goodwill and harmony among people. There advantages and disadvantages too of the kite flying particularly in Pakistan where people use steel strings that disturb the electricity and fires, deaths and property losses are reported. Also the other disadvantage is falling down of young people sustaining death injuries and sometimes deaths while flying and looting the cut away kites. Many people don’t agree that this is wastage of money. They say kite flying is similar to the cricket as both unite people from different backgrounds and across the ages. 
In Dammam festival thousands enjoyed it and spent whole day. It was an interested event for Saudis and other nationals who came there to see such an exciting event where thousands were happily playing around. This look like a corner of Lahore-Pakistan. One can say Al-Hamdo Lillah Pakistani or live hearted people, wherever they go they introduce and enjoy their own traditions.
The name of two team players included: Team A: Iqbal Chouhan, Chairman, Sultan, Captain and Imran Vice Captain, Shahid, Saeed, Samiullah, Fouad, Afzal Mitho, Junail, Adil, Tanveer, Hamid, Asif, Hafeez, Mehar and Mohammd Afzal members. Team B: comprised of Mian Shafiq, Chairman, Ejaz Captain, Afzal Khan, Amjad Khan Jadoon, Mian Yasin, Tajamul, Amir Shaikh, Salahuddin, Mehmood Nizami, Asim Butt, Tipu Sultan and Faisal.


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