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Two Eid days for Muslims in United States

NEW YORK Feb 24, 2002 (NNI): Majority of Pakistani Expatriates here in United States on Saturday celebrated Eid-ul-Azha with religious fervour, whereas every Middle Eastern emigrant celebrated Eid on Friday.
Keeping the traditions intact clerks of Pakistani Mosques in United States announced the celebration of Eid-ul-Azha period as a day after the Saudis announced date.
It may be mentioned that maintaining post September 11 necessity to show unity among the Muslim fraternity the Pakistani clerks had observed Eid ul Fitar after realising 29 fasts whereas majority of Muslims had 30 fasts.Then most of Pakistani Mosques announced Eid-ul-Fitar after 10pm, and several Pakistani Muslims had their Sehar in the morning.
Newly converted Muslims were seen confused and were found inquiring from Mosques clerks or other fraternity members "Which of Muslims sect are we? the one celebrating Eid on Friday or Saturday?" What is the difference curious changed Muslims were found investigating.
There could be doubt in moon sight, but Haj-Bait-ullah was on Thursday, it is certified and more than 2.5million Muslims performed Haj said Abdullah an African Muslim, who converted his Christianity to Islam few months before. The Eid day is after the day of Haj certified Abdullah. Why don’t people realise Abdullah said ?
It may be pointed out that Pakistanis living in New York’s , Queens, Staten Island , Brooklyn and Bronx boroughs celebrated Eid on Saturday, whereas natives of Manhattan including Pakistan mission and New York Consulate diplomats celebrated Eid on Friday. Further , Pakistan Mission to the UN and New York Consulate were closed on Friday.
Similarly the Washington Dc Embassy was closed on Friday, Pakistani diplomats and other Pakistani Expatriates living in suburbs of Washington celebrated Eid on Friday with few exceptions on Saturday.
Interestingly there were few who celeberated Eid on Friday but said Eid Salat on Saturday, because of their job timings. It is amusing to note that few members of a family in New Jersey living in same house have had Eid celeberation in their house for two days. One family heads attends the prayers in a Pakistani Mosque and the other is regular in going to an Arab Mosque, thus observed their Mosque clerk order, and celeberated Eid on Friday and Saturday. –NNI


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