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Pakistani Plead not Guility

 New York Mar 28, 2002 (SANA) A detainee  of anti terrorism crack down after sep 11 is still in high security prison waiting for his trial hearing on April 14. Qaiser Rafiq. a Pakistani citizen an IT Professional living in USA for more than 12 years was arrested on October 16. The Connecticut  State is holding Qaiser on $1 million bond  on a larceny charge.

He was taken to state police investigation center where he was investigated for several hours regarding September 11th, According to Qaiser in his letter to President Musharaf, "during my arrest and investigation I was abused orally and physically. I was accused of knowing something about September 11, blamed of anti-Indian activities, acting as Pakistani spy and financier for Kashmiri freedom movements". .

For more than three weeks his family  was not able to trace him, in fact the Connecticut Officials did not confirm the arrest when Pakistani Officials try to inquire about him  in the beginning of November and   a press release was issued by the office of Ambassador Of Pakistan. Finally his  family got hold of an attorney, who was able to locate him.

Qaiser’s  five years old American Business Partner Smith Dhun complained police  that Qaiser stole his money in 1996, and New York police had a warrant for Qaisers  arrest  in another alleged scam of $100,000 accusing him of ripping off a couple to invest in a gas station deal that Qaiser never bought.
But it wasn't the Gas Station follies or his business partner complain of steeling money, It was the information largely attributed to anonymous "law enforcement sources" that supposedly  linked him to terrorist activities.

A New York city permit taken out on Sep 10th with  filming to begin on Sep 11 at the north of World Trade Center. Napkins with notes written  in Arabic lettering, that an initial FBI translation found "death to infidels in Afghanistan". A car registered to Qaiser’s name apparently found abandoned in New Jersey on Sep.8th. Police during search of his car also found multiple drivers license  from multiple jurisdictions of Florida and Washington DC. under different names but with his photo.
Qaiser contends that the writing on Napkins was not in Arabic, but in Urdu his native tongue. He said he cannot read or write Arabic. The notes he says were for TV interview in support of President Musharraf joining the anti-terrorists coalition.

He says he gave the New Jersey car to a old roommate friend in March 2000, rather than junk it he  signed the title over as a  gift.
The $100, 000scam allegation according to Qaiser he owned a gas station in 1996-97. Hanson Qaiser’s lawyer calls the larceny charge "a simple case of investment gone bad". The couple wanted guarantee on investment , instead, the deal went bust.

Hanson described that Qaiser’s name does not appear on the film permit it was taken out by Razaq Baloch of "Interactive Media Productions" a Manhattan based company that shoots commercials, pilots, documentaries mostly for South Asian stations based here and abroad.
Attorney Hanson told that Qaiser denies of multiple Id’s. He said it is possible for people to have ID’s from multiple jurisdictions ____ for example by keeping an old driver's license after moving and keeping a new one. However Hanson acknowledged that Licenses found in the car were with other people's names.

Qaiser is not going to plead guilty, he is going to put on a vigorous defense said Hanson. The judge cited the multiple ID’s as reason for keeping Qaiser Rafiq‘s bail at $1million.

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