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India using 'terrorism' as tool to achieve targets

NEW YORK May 29 (SANA)- Pakistan's permanent representative in the UN, Munir Akram has said that India was using the word of terrorism as a tool to force Pakistan withdraw from its principled stand on Kashmir.
" India is putting pressure on Pakistan by amassing forces on the borders just to achieve its targets that Pakistan withdraws from its principled stand on Kashmir", he added.  
He stated this in an interview with  SANA,  here on Wednesday. The current situation between India and Pakistan is, as everybody knows, serious because India has moved up its forces along the Line of Control and the international border and threatening Pakistan. Pakistan has responded in a responsible manner and with restraint during the last five months and is trying to convince India that whatever differences it should be resolved through dialogue and on the basis of principles and not through the use of force.  
He said that the Kashmiris' struggle originates from the resolutions of the UNSC for self-determination of  Kashmiris and it started because of India's oppression and violation of human right in Held Kashmir.  
He further said that Kashmiri people were struggling for the right of self-determination and they were doing everything in self defense.  
He said Pakistan does condemn terrorism in its every form and everywhere in the world. " Gen Musharraf has repeatedly condemned terrorism and what India wants more", he questioned.
  He said the international community has called for restraint and they have tried to appease India by stating that infiltration across the line of control should be stopped but the President has stated that there was no infiltration of Mujahideen.  
Munir Akram suggested that the LoC and international borders should be monitored by international observers but India is also denying the same.  
He said that Pakistan would continue diplomatic and moral support to Kashmiris and expressed hope that the world community will be able to convince India to seek a political solution to Kashmir issue.  
He held that the threat of using force against Pakistan will neither solve the Kashmir problem nor solve India's domestic difficulties.  
To a question, he said that Pakistan has persistently held that UN has a moral obligation for the implementation of the resolution of the Security Council for the self determination of Kashmiris. The resolutions do not specify that they are at chapter 7 said Akram, however he said that under chapter 6 of the charter there are several possibilities for the resolutions of the dispute and implementation of security council resolutions.
India have consistently opposed UN  involvement, the UN in such circumstances can of course adopt another resolutions perhaps in chapter 7 calling for enforcement but the fact is that such resolution is difficult to pass at this time because india is assured about a veto by one country in the UNSC.
Pakistan will have to continue to create a solution through negotiated means and that is what we have to promote and see . Akram said we are glad that certain major powers have become involved despite india’s opposition to not accepting mediation but it now clear that india has accepted mediation, arbitration of certain major powers who are active in current crises. and we hope that with this involvement pakistan could lead to a peaceful settlement of kashmir issue
He expressed hope that with the involvement of UN,  the issue cane be solved through a peaceful mean.  
He said that Pakistan was greatly concerned by the rise of Hindu extremism in India. Pakistan has called for the investigations into the events of carnage in Gujarat, he added.
This role raising right of the indian Muslims is in keeping with the promise of the founder of Pakistan Qaid-e-Azam mohammasd Ali Jinnah that Pakistan is
created and has a refuge homeland for the Muslims said Akram. He said Pakistan also a entity which will look after which will be a builder of the rights and conditions of all the Muslims of India. and that is a role we will continue to play because Indian Muslims naturally are our brothers and we  have utmost  sympathy  for the  plight  that they suffered,

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