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Fed. Minister for Information and Media Dev. speaks in Jeddah

Sohail Ali Khan
Press Attaché, Jeddah

Jeddah, June 29, 2002 - Federal Minister for Information and Media Development Nisar A Memon  said that  Khartoum Conference has been quite successful by all means for achieving the goals set for the conference as dialogue and solidarity. He further said that all the issues confronting Muslim Ummah were raised and addressed. All the participating countries showed solidarity with the stand of other participating countries on their disputes and issues and there was complete unanimity of views. Nisar was addressing Pakistani community here last night during his transit stay from Khartoum to Pakistan after leading Pakistan’s delegation in 29th session of OIC FM conference in Khartoum. Minister informed that all the resolutions on Kashmir proposed by Pakistan were adopted in the 29th session of the OIC Foreign Ministers meeting.  
The Minister informed Pakistani community that Khartoum Declaration  condemned flagrant  human rights violations and  repression in Indian held Kashmir and human rights violations there. He also informed that  Khartoum declaration  also adopted the resolution for sending special representative of OIC Secretary General to Indian held Kashmir and submit its report. It also expressed concern over tension between Pakistan and India and supported Pakistan’s stand for resolving the issues with  through meaningful dialogues. The conference adopted the recommendation of the OIC contact group on Jammu and Kashmir and took note of the memorandum submitted by the True representative s of Kashmiri people, Nisar added.
He also expressed special thanks to the Kashmiri delegations consisting Prime Minister of AJK sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan, Chairman National Kashmir Committee Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan and Ghulam Muhammad Saafi APHC for their active participations and contribution for advocating Pakistan’s point of views in the conference.
Minster said that Pakistan is for peace not for war with India. But we are ready to respond in a befitting manner to any Indian aggression. He informed that morale of our military is high up and ready to defend every inch of their homeland to the last drop of their blood. This is what India is well aware of.
Telling about the current situation on borders Nisar said that Indian forces have started shelling the civilian targets which is extremely condemnable. Heavy civilian casualties are taking place. Whereas, our army is targeting on military targets and incurring heavy loss to Indian Army.
Nisar also briefed the community about the ongoing developments on domestic fronts and steps being taken to hold elections in October. Everything is well thought and democratic spirit is quite visible in all these measures. He unfolded before the community,  personality traits of Persident Musharraf  encompassing dynamism, tolerance and  clear perception on issues, which  in fact , have made us to defeat all evil designs of the enemies.
Answering a question, the Minister did not rule out Indian Intelligence Agency RAW’s involvement in terrorist acts in Pakistan. He even mentioned that there are also strong evidences of close collaborations between RAW and Mossad for destabilizing the country, he added.
To another question he said that overseas Pakistanis  are Ambassadors of Pakistan. They need to be informed and educated on all national and international issues so that they can effectively communicate with all those peoples from cross sections of the society. Nisar  appealed to overseas community to send the government suggestions and recommendations for the steps to be taken for their welfare.
The community meeting represented participants from engineers, doctors, business mangers, bankers, journalists, businessmen and intellectuals. Consul General Muhammad Nawaz Choudhry , senior officials of Pakistan’s Consulate and Honorary Commercial Counselor for Saudi Arabia Ali Bhoy were also present in the meeting. 

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